The social and emotional well being of each child is considered the foundation of all work in education. The School aims to engage and encourage children to develop creativity, critical thinking skills and Multiple Intelligences.

The Swarnim International vision is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail – from the education methods and processes used in the learning centre to the design of the school building, from curriculum development to teacher development.

Education at Swarnim is both a method of teaching and a culture.


In keeping with the rich heritage of India, Swarnim International School stresses the simultaneous development of Spirit, Mind & Body, and endeavors to prepare students for Secondary (Grade X) Examination at the Central Board of Secondary Education.

  • To create compassionate, responsible, and innovative students committed to contribute to India and the global environment.
  • To enhance the total development of character through all aspects of School life.
  • To offer a stimulating combination of academic, artistic and practical activities in an enriching environment where your child will believe in, and challenge, his own abilities.
  • To prepare children to be caring citizens who will respect others and excel in this ever-changing world.
  • To create lifelong learners who are committed to setting goals and achieving them.
  • To stay ahead in the Knowledge Age while respecting our rich heritage.