The safety and security measures in Swarnim International School

The following are the safety and security measures adopted. These aspects are periodically reviewed to make them as foolproof as possible.

  • The whole campus is secured by a perimeter wall with restricted entry and exit gates which are manned 24/7 by trained security personnel.
  • The school employs G4 Security Services (one of the trusted and most established in the city). These security staff are trained and adequately familiarized with all the safety and security instruction of the school.
  • The school follows a set standard operating procedure and all teaching and non-teaching faculty as well as the students are frequently familiarized with these instructions.
  • Trained staff monitors 225 cameras round the clock and the recordings are stored as per the schools standard operating procedures to be retrieved / viewed in case required.
  • Sessions to familiarize students of all ages and gender with the concept of good and bad touch are held regularly by the counsellors.
  • The members of staff are adequately familiarized with and warned on the consequences of misbehavior with the children.
  • Safety and evacuation plans are displayed in each classrooms / all prominent places where required.
  • Safety and evacuation drills are practiced regularly under the supervision of trained staff who are outsourced for this purpose and records maintained.
  • Adequate safety boards are displayed in places outside the campus.
  • Fire safety precautions are in place and regular firefighting drills are practiced by the staff / students with the assistance of the security guards and trained supervisors. Firefighting equipment is placed in all places as per safety requirements.
  • All the staff employed in school are in possession of identity cards and Aadhaar Cards.
  • The school organizes health awareness programmes and other medical amenities. The infirmary is equipped to handle immediate contingencies.
  • During off-site activities the authorized staff carries first aid kit.
  • Risk assessment is carried out at the venue before any field trip or excursion.
  • There are separate restrooms for boys and girls.
  • Pre schoolers are accompanied to the toilets by an attendant.
  • Students are released after the escort card is verified.
  • There is a lady attendant present on each bus both in the morning and in the afternoon.

SWARNIM's drive on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act

The School duly conducts various workshops and seminars regarding the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act for the staff and effectively inculcates the self-defense spirit in children.We promote an organization free of gender bias to allow high employee morale and optimum productivity. The School reserves the sole right to take legal measures against any misdeed committed by any of its employees.

  • Students - Regular classes of Martial Arts and Taekwondo are conducted to encourage children for their safety and self protection.
    During the COVID'19 phase, children, as well as parents, were advised measures through virtual counselling by renowned professional therapists.
  • Teachers - Teachers are trained to tactfully deal with incidences of sexual abuse and exploitation, to create general awareness among students and counsel the amateur minds without harming their mental, emotional and social development.
  • Infrastructure - The School has installed powerful Close circuit Cameras and the whole campus is under strict surveillance.
  • Transport - All precautions are taken to avoid any kind of misdeeds during commuting in school buses. CCTVs are installed inside every school bus and a lady attendant is present throughout.
  • Support Staff - Special awareness programs and training sessions are conducted for the Support Staff every year.
  • All staff - Workshops and seminars are also held to sensitize and equip the staff to combat any kind of sexual abuse.
    All staff members are required to sign an undertaking to comply with the ruleslaid down in the POCSO Act 2012.