Our teaching methodologies incorporate the best of various systems, from ancient traditions like outdoor learning to the most modern experiential learning approaches. We focus on the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, creative thought and international-mindedness. The sources of learning are varied - reading, field trips, guest talks, observations, discussions, debates, research projects, presentations and hands-on experiences. Our international curricular standards create a collaborative work environment that nurture intellectual diversity and prepare students for some of the best institutions of higher learning.

The tasks our students do in class incorporate the Multiple Intelligences- Verbal, Mathematical, Visual Spatial, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intra personal, Musical, Naturalist and/or Existential.

Our pedagogy is based on a learning partnership between and among students and teachers that taps the intrinsic motivation of students as they make real life connections.

We appreciate and adopt the best practices from across the world to provide world-class facilities and methodologies.

We practice a combination of pedagogies developed by Maria Montessori, Piaget and Gardner. Jean Piaget advocates free play for cognitive development whereas Montessori advocates a structured environment to develop the different centres of the brain through repeated sensory experiences.

Club Activities

Every Friday a period is devoted to club activities for primary students. The child has to choose a club as per his/ her interests and talent. These activities are directed towards developing the Multiple Intelligences of the children and hone skills which are required in practical life. These activities also boost confidence and help develop leadership qualities. Presently,the 5 Clubs are:

Public Speaking

Students are trained to become a proficient public speaker through various activities. They begin with voice and accent training and move onto content.


Besides improving their general knowledge through books, magazines newspaper and ICT, children have quiz sessions to enhance their promptness and alacrity.

Master Chef

Culinary skills are the most readily appreciated and it is heartening to see children flock to this club. Primarily, healthy and hygienic food habits and cooking without fire are stressed upon in this Club.

Go Green

We believe environmental sensitivity must be instilled in children from a very young age. Here they learn about the dangers and harmful effects of mindless industrialization. They, themselves, try to find solutions at their level and implement some of those, e,g. planting trees in school, avoiding plastic bags and bottles.


This is the abbreviation of " Catalyst for Change". This club's activities motivate children to take up leadership roles. They move from the micro (classroom) to the macro (entire school) level. They identify a problem area in the classroom, try to solve it and then make a report.