Swarnim International School started in 2016 has more than 250 students. Located in the outskirts of Kolkata, the parent body comprises of semi literate, first generation learners and first generation English speakers.

Recognizing the importance of working closely with parents to achieve our goals of raising good human beings, we have initiated various programmes.


  • Mr. Mohan, a renowned psychologist conducts a workshop titled "Proactive Parenting" biannually to educate parents and share different strategies on child raising.
  • Parents can also approach him personally for child related issues.
  • "Bridge the Gap" is a workshop for parents who are not conversant in English to help them understand how to be involved with their child's education despite the language barrier.
  • This is conducted by our Headmistress, Ms Rumjhumi Biswas who is an ESOL trainer.
  • A "Know the Touch" workshop is conducted by the YI (CII) for students and parents.
  • A wellness camp in association with Neotia Mediplus addresses concerns regarding the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of children and parents.

Specific Parental Needs

  • We are a psychologically sensitive institution where specific needs are addressed by our Director, Ms. Swati Sarawagi MA (Psychology).
  • Addressing the concerns of single parents --Fees can be paid in installments after considering the parent's financial constraints.
  • Scholarships are also offered for deserving candidates.
  • Parents are allowed in the class till the child settles down especially for special needs children.
  • A tiffin menu designed by Ms. Gon, nutrition specialist, taking into account the child's nutritional needs, tastes and parents' convenience is sent every month.
  • A Fruit Week is celebrated in which they PACK different fruits - Pack Assorted Colours for Kids.

Communicating and Celebrating Learning

Parents get a guided tour of the school in progress and have a lengthy interaction with the Headmistress before formal admission. We ensure parents are convinced about our pedagogy before they buy the admission form. New parent orientation is conducted biannually. Consistency of communication is maintained through quarterly Parent teacher meeting.

Each parent receives at least one phone call in the year from the class teacher appreciating a positive trait in the child or improvement in some aspect. We connect with parents on social media: we have our own Youtube channel through which we broadcast school news; Facebook and the website are regularly updated; Biannual newsletters are uploaded on the website. These include information on all activities, events and classroom learning. On Grandparents Day, they are invited to school, play educational games with their children and receive gifts. On Mothers and Fathers Day also, students give handmade gifts to their parents.

At Student Led Conference, children teach their own parents. Children demonstrate their mastery of concepts and their confidence when they become teachers and show their parents how to carry out the subject based activities.

In the School Carnival, Annual Day or Sports Day, parents are given opportunities to participate. Graduation Day sees proud parents sending their wards onto Grade I.