Durga Puja Pre-Primary Crafts

20 October, 2020

Durga Puja epitomises the victory of good over evil, though it also celebrates the Goddess as the motherly power behind all life and creation. The preprimary students of Swarnim welcomed Ma Durga by making Dhaak, the signature musical instrument of the festival. Durga Puja coincides with Navaratri and Dussehra celebrations in which the victory of Rama against Ravana is celebrated and effigies of Ravana are burnt, which is also reflected through the craft activity by our tiny tots.

Durga Puja (Pre-Primary)

16 October, 2020

Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festivals of India. The year long wait has finally come to an end. Today the pre-primary students of Swarnim International School gave a grand welcome to Goddess Durga by performing with utmost devotion and love. They sang songs, danced their heart out and narrated poems to impress the Goddess. It was a day filled with emotions, excitement and laughter. Like we say- ďAsche bochor abaar hobeĒ.


12 October, 2020

Every human has to work to fulfill his goals and desires. Work can be anything starting from household activities to desk jobs. Every action is dignified and respectable. Students of Swarnim International School paid respect to all level of workers and tend to remember people who lend us a hand and stand by our side when we need them. They were taught the core meaning of "Dignity of Labour." They also learnt that there's nothing wrong with any kind of job and every job deserves to be respected. We are all humans and we are working to support our livelihoods. So yes, everybody is not similar, but by virtue of them being human beings, all are to be treated equally.

Book Reading Session (Classes 3 - 7)

09 October, 2020

Ms. Smita Ganeriwala or as she is more lovingly known as Smita Jee joined us for a book reading session today with children of classes 3-7. Ms. Ganeriwala is a prolific writer of a series of children's books. Some of her most interesting books are 'Shreya's Eighth', 'The Braces Club' and 'Samira's S-I-T Venture'. Smita Jee read a part of her book 'Shreya's Eighth' today and conducted an interactive session with the children. Throughout the story session, children participated in the discussions. After the reading session was over, we played an interesting game. Children had to act out a small passage with different emotions. It was very engaging and we would love to have Smita Jee with us for more such wonderful sessions in the future.

School Activity for Sept - Primary

08 October, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Sept for Primary Classes.

School activities for Sept (Pre-Primary)

05 October, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Sept for pre-Primary Classes.

Gandhi Jayanti

02 October, 2020

Swarnim International School celebrated its Annual Prize Day 2019-20 on 2nd October as a legacy to Bapu's vision of hard work and perseverance. Enjoy the photos of the event with the voice over of the address by Mrs. Sangeeta Tandon, Principal, Shri Shikshayatan School who kindly consented to be the Chief Guest and (virtually) give away the certificates.

Art Competition (Classes 1 to 3)

21 September, 2020

The world is their canvas and the love for their school is the topic. Presenting art work by Classes 1 to 3.

Art Competition (Classes 4 to 7)

21 September, 2020

The world is their canvas and the love for their school is the topic. Presenting art work by Classes 4 to 7.

Viswakarma Puja - Kite Making

17 September, 2020

Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be the creator of the world, and is referred to as the divine carpenter and thus, an architect. Kites are symbolic of freedom. Flying a kite, gives the same feeling of freedom as a bird has, while it skims and swoops and circles in the sky. The tradition of kite flying associated with the festival dates back a few centuries. The sky filled with colorful kites is a sight to behold. The students of Swarnim made beautiful kites. As their kites fly high today, they will dream of returning to their normal lives and playing in the sun, going to school, meeting friends and smiling without mask.

Hindi Diwas

14 September, 2020

Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14th September. 14 September 1949 was the 50th birthday of Hindi Pandit Vyouhar Rajendra Sinha, who struggled very long to make Hindi a national language. Rajendra Sinha made tireless efforts with Kaka Kalelkar, Maithilisharan Gupt, Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Seth Govindadas etc. to establish Hindi as national language after Independence. That's why we celebrate this day as Hindi Day. Students of Swarnim presented many types of programs according to their classes. Someone expressed their feelings through speech. Someone expressed their thoughts through painting, some children made badge and someone expressed respect towards Hindi language by singing verses and songs.

Grandparents Day - Primary

11 September, 2020

Alex Haley said, Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. So today at Swarnim, children decided to celebrate Grandparents Day and share the endless love and affection that we receive from our grandparents with their friends. Class I found out about interesting games that the grandparents would play as children and shared those stories in class. They also learnt origami craft. How many of you remember how your grandmothers would come with a glass of turmeric milk if you fell sick and your grandfather would ask you to begin your day with some sprouts and nuts? All these formulas have been traditionally and successfully used by them to build our resilience and strength. Class II shared easy recipes of immunity drinks from the cookbooks of grandparents. Class III to VII presented food ingredients and recipes which strengthen our ability to fight against different diseases and ailments.

Grandparents Day - Pre-Primary

11 September, 2020

The purpose of celebrating Grandparents Day is to honor our grandparents for all their love. This Year Swarnim International School celebrated Grandparents Day virtually on 11th September. The children of nursery made cards and performed a dance for them. L.KG children made book marks from palm cutting and had a conversation on Memories down the lane where the grandparents narrated anecdotes regarding their grandchildren. Those without their grandparents in Kolkata made video calls to talk to them and it was very emotional. U.KG children made sweets along with their grandparents. They also made wall hangings together out of bangles, wool and decorative materials. The classrooms were reverberating with songs, memories and love.

Sunshine Smile

09 September, 2020

A. SELF DEPENDENCE - "Depend not on another, but lean instead on thyself. True happiness is born of self-reliance." ~Anonymous Only by being self dependent can we trust ourselves to be able to hold on under any circumstance. B. ACTS OF KINDNESS - Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. If there ever is a time to be kind, it is right now. The students of Swarnim made kindness a priority by doing small acts like signing kindness pledges and passing out kindness notes. They also showed acts of kindness towards their pets at home, since going out was not possible during the pandemic.

School Activity for Aug - Pre-Primary

07 September, 2020

School Activity for Aug - Pre-Primary

School Activity for Aug - Primary

07 September, 2020

School Activity for Aug - Primary

Teachers' Day

05 September, 2020

Dear Parents, School is difficult, different, and some things will be inconvenient. You are going to have tech issues, and someone will likely tell you the wrong information at least once. There will be procedures you dont like. I just wish you could peek behind the scenes. You d see teachers and administrators working long hours to make it work, somehow. Imagine putting together a giant puzzle with no picture and the pieces keep changing shape. You d see teachers try to take in hours upon hours of training and use new programs, figure out new schedules and new procedures and make it all align to standards, follow health precautions, and keep it accessible and Teachers and school staff everywhere are overwhelmed. Every grade level, every custodian.. Everyday eyes brim with tears. Teachers love their kids. They miss them. They worry about them. They are trying their absolute best to figure it out and make this a great school year, even if we are (as the saying goes) building this plane while we fly it. Thank you for modeling grace, kindness, and positivity whenever you can. Our children learn what they see. Those might be the most important lessons our children learn this year.

Teachers' Day

04 September, 2020

Dear Teachers, Thank you for your heart work, love and sacrifice in teaching , guiding and loving our students especially in this difficult period of our lifetimes. Though you have to put on a mask , masks cannot mask your heart of gold, your Swarnim heart! Students of Class 5 put up a heartwarming show for the teachers- all organized by themselves.

Mandala Art

04 September, 2020

Ms. Chhayya Aggrawalla of Life on a Canvas is a very talented and passionate artist and speaker. We had the privilege of having a Mandala Art workshop for classes 5 to 7 with her. Mandala Art is a perfect blend of art and geometry as one can create beautiful intricate designs through a series of symmetrical circles and patterns. The workshop was insightful and engaging and we were in awe of Ms. Aggarwalla s patience as she talked to every child individually and corrected their errors. She has promised to assist children further and they can contact her if they want to learn more.

Reading week continues...

27 August, 2020

Today Class I children were told a story - 'Elephant and his friend' using voice modulation and actions which they enjoyed thoroughly. They were also asked questions from the story.It was a fun and interactive story session. Students of class II dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character and narrated few lines on the character. Students of Class III enacted as "The Brave Leaders Of India". We are Indians,bold and free.We love our country with pride......... were the words echoed in the Zoom Room today. Class IV students recited poems on "Nature" and shared information about the poets. Class V students dressed up as their favourite story book characters and told the others what the books were all about and enacted a part from the books. Class VI students dressed up as their favourite fictional character and also acted like them to present their character sketch. Class VII- Do you know me? Children dressed up as their favourite fictional characters and each conducted a small quiz about their own character.

Reading Week

25 August, 2020

Class I : Each child dressed up as his/her favourite story character. Students of class II read out a script "Mowgli Finds His Home" extracted from "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling Students of Class III narrated their favourite short stories in their own words, with proper intonation and expression. Children of Class IV dressed up as their favourite cartoon characters and shared information about the respective creators. Class V- Interesting news clippings were shared. Each child read the out the news and then suggested headlines for the news. The most interesting headline was chosen. Students of Class VI recited the funniest poem that they have ever come across. The children were given a chance to laugh and have a good time in the class. Class VII: Children had to read a part of their favourite book and share what the book is about or why they enjoy reading it.

Independence Day 2020

15 August, 2020

India- This very word encompasses an abundance of emotions. Feelings of love and devotion could be seen from the sparkling little eyes of the students of Swarnim International School. The virtual classrooms were filled with the tricolours Saffron, White and Green and celebration was full of pride, joy and love for our country. On this 74th Independence Day, let us renew our commitment towards building a united, strong, prosperous, inclusive and peaceful nation where a billion-plus dreams find expression and fulfillment.

Celebration of Independence Day in Swarnim 2020

15 August, 2020

Celebration of Independence Day in Swarnim 2020

Caring for our elders & Mother Nature

10 August, 2020

On Saturday, we had a very engaging session with Dr Bindra and Dr Tripathi on Parenting during Covid. Dr Tripathi, a mental health counsellor gave many important takeaways for the emotional well being of the child- some of the being 1) Meditation. 2) Adaptation 3) Happiness 4) Observing Nature 5) Acceptance 6) Positivity 7) Taking care of Family members 8) Self-dependence 9) Being Empathetic 10) Kindness 11) Keeping Fit 12) Dealing with Emotions These are all in congruence with our philosophy and we had already started practicing these in our Sunshine Smile Classes. Thank you for validating our processes, Dr Tripathi. PFA some of the activities from our classes-- Caring for our elders: To care for someone, who once cared for us is the highest honor. Students of primary classes actively participated in several activities to showcase their bonding with their family members. Mother Nature: Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher. She has the power to change the world. Hence, we give her the highest title of love and adoration, praising her for nurturing every species and all of humanity. Students of Classes III to VII woke up early in the morning to observe Mother Nature where they felt that their minds can overcome the greatest obstacles and their spirit can break open boundaries and take them to situations, they never thought possible. When we honor the Earth, we honor ourselves.

Janmashtami Celebration

10 August, 2020

Krishna came to Swarnim…. Yes, Krishna came to Swarnim today, we saw Krishna in different mood, different form and of different age today. The cute little Krishnas of PG and Nursery danced to the tunes of ‘Chotichotigaiya…’. Then we met a little grown up ‘Nat-khat’ Krishna of LKG where he played with his friends in ‘Gokul kiGaliyon Mein’ and mother Yashoda was always busy running after him. Finally came our grown up Krishna of UKG who was busy dancing with his best friend ‘Radha’ to the beautiful tunes of his flute..Thus, with colorful dresses, rhythmic music and dance, Swarnim celebrated Janmashtami today. Our special thanks goes to our parents who took the pain of dressing up the children early in the morning and preparing them for the program. So, at the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, the Eighth Avtaar of Lord Vishnu, Team Swarnim Wishes Everyone Good Health &Safety !!!

Janmasthami Celebration (Class III & IV)

10 August, 2020

Story-telling has proved to be an effective way to help students learn about our traditions and mythology. The students of Class III and IV enjoyed some beautiful songs on the occasion of Janmashtami. The story of Kalia Daman and other short stories by them created magic and a sense of wonder leading to respect and appreciation for different cultures.

Coding Workshop

08 August, 2020

In todays world of electronic devices, everything is based on coding. What is heartening as well as interesting to note that little children as young as 6 year olds can do coding in a fun way. RoboGarden, an Indo-Canadian joint venture with Eupheus Learning, offers a fun and interactive way to learn the fundamental concepts of programming. The Learning By Coding Game Web-based learning/teaching development has been proven effective and efficient in assisting students to acquire knowledge and training skills, particularly in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). So, our students are currently doing a 17 hour long certification coding program with Robo Garden which will open the doors of coding to our children. The students enthusiastically did workshops on the 4th and 5th of August 2020, organized by Robo Garden, to learn the basics of coding to ensure they can play the game correctly. We hope that our children will successfully complete this coding journey and maybe, few of them will go on to become coders in future.

Parenting during Covid - Webinar

08 August, 2020

Parents webinar where two experienced doctors shared their views on eye strain and mental health for children during Covid. Dr Geetika Chanana , ophthalmologist and Dr @Smarnika Tripathi mental health counsellor - thank you so much for your valuable inputs and guidance. So many important takeaways. And you answered all questions so promptly and effectively - only left the audience asking for more. The doctors were also happy to hear all that we are doing at Swarnim -happiness class, cloud gazing and many more such activities - all to promote the physical and emotional health of our children YouTube link - https://youtu.be/q4ISDvfvD_w

School activities for July (Pre-Primary)

07 August, 2020

School activities for July

School activities for July (Primary)

06 August, 2020

School activities for July

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Nature (Primary)

03 August, 2020

Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of unwavering love and the bond between brother and sister. Symbolic of the bond that siblings share, the festival of “Rakshabandhan” is no longer just about brothers promising to protect their sisters. This year students of Swarnim decided but to celebrate Rakhi with nature, thus promising to protect it. The year 2020 has taught all of us the importance of nature and the need to strengthen the bond between human and environment. The students made eco-friendly rakhis with the naturally available materials and tied the rakhi to their favorite plant at home thus cementing the bond of protection between nature and the children.

Raksha Bandhan (Pre-Primary)

03 August, 2020

“I pray for you to have peace, good health, happiness and all the good things in life. Happy Rakhi!” The festival of Raksha Bandhan is to cherish the beautiful memories and strengthen the bond brothers and sisters share. Swarnim International school pre-primary section also celebrated the occasion with fun and frolic. The nursery children made ‘shapes rakhis’, they decorated different shapes with vibrant colours and stone stickers, thus enjoying while learning. The LKG children made 2 rakhis - the healthy rakhis and put it in their parent’s hands. They pasted the unhealthy rakhis on a paper and crossed it, thus proclaiming they will enjoy only healthy food! The UKG children made different-emotional rakhis. They made different faces on the rakhis which slides through the paper to show different emotions. They made twirky face, smirky face, even grumpy face! It was a fun-filled day and parents became emotional when the children gifted the handmade rakhis to them.


01 August, 2020

Children of Class-1 celebrated the spirit of Eid on behalf of the whole school. We wish everyone a very happy Eid ul Adha.

Self Defence

30 July, 2020

Ms .Deepti Shankar, Director and founder of Safe Campus conducted a Self Defence session with all primary classes .. She enlightened the children about who is a  Stranger - who "I DON'T KNOW AND YOU DON'T KNOW". She also told the children that it is very important to share everything with their parents and teachers, however they should never share their personal information with any stranger. If anyone feels that the stranger is not safe, they should SHOUT and say STOP. We are thankful to Ms. Shankar for teaching a few Self Defence stunts which can help when in danger... Children enjoyed the class. It was fun, challenging , informative and refreshing. We convey our gratitude to Ms. Deepti Shankar and Young Indians( YI) for imparting a skill so important and pertinent.

Dealing with Emotions

27 July, 2020

In Sunshine Smile classes, children of class 1 discussed the idea of anger from their own perspectives. They drew angry faces and coloured them according to their own expression. Teachers encouraged them to be friendly and lovable towards everyone because love makes us smile, not anger. They discussed anger management skills like hugging a tree, talking to their pets, doing what they like to do most like painting, dancing etc., or maybe just backward counting from 20. Because we truly believe that whether a child can do advanced math, speak 3 languages or receive top grades or not, every human being needs to manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution and handle stress.

Health is Wealth

24 July, 2020

"Health is wealth" and Fitness is the key. We all know that exercise not only keeps our body and mind healthy but also gives us strength. In continuation to our effort of engaging our children in various activities, we arranged for a fitness session conducted by Ms Swati Poddar, an eminent fitness enthusiast. Students learned and replicated the different animal postures like frog jump, crab walk, bunny movement and the popular superman pose demonstrated by Ms Poddar. We are grateful to Ms Poddar for taking out some time from her busy schedule and tutoring our young learners to stay fit and healthy all by themselves.

Clouds are playground for imagination

22 July, 2020

Clouds are playground for imagination ! Our imagination gets wings when we see clouds of different shapes and sizes move all across the sky. In order to have a better connect with Mother Nature, the young learners of class II were engaged in a cloud watching activity for a week. It was observed that they enthusiastically participated in the activity and portrayed their imagination in a chart paper. Every child penned down their wishes in the clouds as if the clouds were their little genie.

Cloud watching and rainbow making

20 July, 2020

The children of LKG had been doing cloud watching since a week. They were asked to watch the different shapes of the clouds and draw them on a white sheet of paper. The children were very excited with the activity but they also wanted to add colours to their clouds, so the teachers decided to make a rainbow and attach them with the clouds. Oh! What a scene it was, out came the colours, papers, toys of rainbow colours, and to top it all the children were also asked to dress up in rainbow colours while the parents and teachers were in white clothes. The LKG children did the rainbow activity of colouring, cutting and pasting with their parents help and the class was full of colours and giggles.. This is how Swarnim students learn and enjoy their class.

Fantastic Friday:- An Online Class Party

18 July, 2020

A cool break from the monotony of the online class, the pre-primary section of Swarnim International School enjoyed a class party. The children dressed up in their favourite dresses in the first class, they brought their own favourite fun food and juices. They told stories, played games, mimicked their parents, tongue twisted, passed the pillows, and enjoyed themselves. In the second class, the nursery children dressed up as their favourite fruits, the LKG children became their favourite animals and the UKG children donned their favourite character outfits. And then they rolled and jumped, giggled and smiled, chattered and prattled with their friends. What a sight it was! The teachers also joined the celebration, be it in character, dress and food. And thus the day was filled with happiness, cheer and lots of innocent laughter.

A report on online Teaching and Learning in Primary in June

15 July, 2020

A report on online Teaching and Learning in June .. sharing with everyone , all the hard work that students, teachers and parents have been doing in the past month. Because as everyone has started appreciating, a school is a partnership between the parent and the teacher, existing solely for the benefit of the student.

A report on online Teaching and Learning in Pre primary in June

15 July, 2020

A report on online Teaching and Learning in Pre primary in June .. sharing with everyone , all the hard work that students, teachers and parents have been doing in the past month. Because as everyone has started appreciating, a school is a partnership between the parent and the teacher, existing solely for the benefit of the student.

Cloud Watching

14 July, 2020

We all love clouds. Cloud gazing is something which connects each and everyone on this earth. It requires no age boundary and is taken as a hobby by many. In this monsoon, it was also a fun family activity. When we look at the clouds we find that some clouds are white and fluffy, like cotton wool, and others are grey and thin. We use our imagination to pick out shapes and pictures in the clouds as they drift by. Sometimes they resemble like animals, trees or cartoon characters. Our UKG students found this activity very interesting and thus showcased their imagination through these pictures.

Sunshine Smile

06 July, 2020

Smile, breathe and go slow.. this is what LKG students did for their Sunshine smile class. The teachers had planned activities and a video on Good Habits and Manners. A craft which symbolised good habit was made by the children. The aim was to break the daily monotony and make everyone smile.


05 July, 2020

Our body and mind are a temple, and it is our duty to instil within, good habits and association, as forms of offerings. This chain of thought is what resulted in the manifestation of conducting the Sunshine Smile classes. To go about with our day to day lives and successfully conclude every activity we invest in, it is quite important to possess the necessary tools and be well equipped, mentally and emotionally. As mortal beings, we need to get our priorities straightened and realise how essential mental peace is, to be able to give our best in any task we intend to engage in and complete. Our mind and body needs to be operating on the same wavelength for them to be in sync and produce work in the most efficient manner. The purpose and aim of organising this session was exactly for that. We all have heard the saying, "To err is human", but the fact of the matter still remains that it shouldn’t be a reason to accept the inevitable and give up, rather use it as a motivation to be a better, wiser and more knowledgeable today than we were yesterday. Keeping this in mind and using these ideas as the source of inspiration, students of class III to VII were guided to indulge in several meditating activities, conveyed information regarding the importance and proper utilization of the five senses of our body. The reason for such activities were to help the students their overall development of mind and body, which moulds their personality as a whole and the way they pursue different goals and objectives in life. The students got a deep insight regarding the importance of meditation and how beneficial it can be in shaping our future. The meditation followed by a conversation with them, helped them realise that in life, a lot of things are beyond our scope or control and that the only thing, we can affirmatively have control over, is ourselves. It is predominantly a key factor, that we have great control over our actions when situation mandates us to not be in our comfort zone and step out of it. The students were taught through these various activities to cultivate awareness about their own thought process’ and the inner potential each one them have to not only cope up with different difficult situations they are made to dealt with, but also to come out of it triumphant. As, no matter what happens in life, good or bad, the indispensable requirement is to always stay calm and keep breathing.


03 July, 2020

Gardening by LoveGreen for Classes 2 and 3. Sowing the seeds for a better future. Together.

National Doctors' Day

01 July, 2020

Today we celebrated our heroes in white capes on the occasion of National Doctors' Day. We were delighted to have two esteemed physicians, Dr. Bratati Bandyopadhyay who is a specialist in Cancer Surgery and is currently working in an isolation ward for covid 19 and Dr. Nilurmi Chatterjee who is specializing in Radiation Oncology at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai. Some of our children and teachers had worked together to make a short video to express gratitude for the service of the doctors and to honour the sacrifices they make everyday. It was unveiled and presented before our special guests. The doctors spoke about dignity of labour in every profession and how everyone contributes to the wellbeing of a society through their service. They also advised children to stay focused on their academics but never forget their extracurricular activities because the holistic development of an individual is only possible if we have a balance between studies and recreation.

School Tour

01 July, 2020

It was an amazing surprise for the children.... They logged in for a usual class. However, this time the teachers were not in their respective houses. Instead they were in the school! Children were overwhelmed to see their classrooms, the walls adorning charts that they had previously made the aviary with birds and rabbits, the corridors which treasure all their precious memories, the library and so on. Children from class 3 who have just learned about the earth and different life forms in it, enjoyed seeing plants and animals from the school yard. Aarav Gupta from class 7 exclaimed in joy, "Ma'am, it seems as if we are in school!" Since the children can't come to school now, we tried bringing the school to them through this virtual tour.

Sunshine Smiles Classes

30 June, 2020

We have started Sunshine Smiles classes where we talk about values and well being. Class 1 discussed about life and feelings of living things, not just animals but plants too. The children were amazed to discover that even plants have life and they can feel pain. Plants sway when they are happy and feel pain when leaves and fruits are plucked. It was a fun and interactive session and parents were encouraged to lightly pinch their children to convey that plants also feel pain when unnecessarily we pluck flowers and tear leaves. The session ended on a high note with some craft based activities.

Gardening Workshop

26 June, 2020

Classes 4-7 had a gardening workshop today where they learned how to plant tomato and mustard seeds. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Kanupriya Sarawgi and Ms. Kunjan Khemka from Lovegreen. Children discussed the importance of planting trees and how it helps release stress. The benefits of gardening include - sensory development, encourages healthy eating, teaches responsibility and patience, while helping with educational topics. Interesting tips and beneficial facts about different plants were also shared by our guests. Furthermore, children learned to decorate their pots with buttons, colourful paper etc. The workshop ended with a picture quiz and a pledge to plant at least one tree every year. In the aftermath of Amphan, it becomes imperative that each one of plants a tree. Swarnim students took the pledge to do the same. And this aligns perfectly with our culture -- We had also planted 80 trees on 6th Jan, our Founders Birthday, as part of his vision.

Virtual Tour of Swarnim International School (Pre-Primary)

23 June, 2020

Their eyes sparkled with joyous surprise. The smiling faces made the classrooms come alive... Happiness knew no bounds! Some children were so overwhelmed that they hugged their parents tight when they saw their classrooms. To keep the emotional connect between the students and the school, the preprimary students were taken on a virtual tour of their favourite place – Swarnim International School. The teachers helped the students re-visit the entrance gate, classrooms, playground, aviary, sand pit, corridors, etc. It was like a breather which brought back fond memories of the times spent in school.

World Rainforest Day (Primary)

22 June, 2020

Students of classes 5 - 7 observed World Rainforest Day. Class 7 presented their summer project titled 'Forests of India' and moved on to discuss the significance of rainforests as well as the necessity to conserve them. We had the privilege of having Ms. Puja Kapoor from Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh with us today. Ms. Kapoor is an experienced teacher who is very passionate and creative with her methods of teaching as she strives to make education as much child-centric as possible. She shared her views regarding the topic and stressed on the importance of rainforests in the present world. She also advised the students on developing their social skills like empathy and compassion.

Father s Day and International Day of Yoga (Primary)

21 June, 2020

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection  Sigmund Freud Primary students celebrated Father s Day by reaching out to their father with a special gift-Gift of Health. As 21st June is also celebrated as International Day of Yoga, children seized the occasion and taught their fathers simple Yoga steps to keep them fit and healthy. Each child made the moments truly priceless and memorable for the father.

Father s Day (Pre-Primary)

20 June, 2020

o It is that time of the year where we all want to make our first hero, our fathers feel special! o Swarnim International School celebrated Father's Day by doing various activities- playing games, quiz and craft. Fathers sang nursery rhymes to please their children. It was a treat to see father and child folding clothes and making ties. We hope that these memories will last for a lifetime.

Online Cookery Workshop

19 June, 2020

o Our students attended an online cookery workshop today conducted by Ms.Manjri Agarwal of Big Plate Small Plate fame. o Children were divided into groups according to their ages and were given different recipes to make. o Chickpea Salad With Orange Dressing and Bombay Sandwiches were made by our little master chefs of classes 1 and 2.Classes 3-7 learnt to make delicious Paneer Frankie with easily available ingredients. Healthy ingredients and child friendly methods were used to make delicious snacks. They learnt that healthy food can be tasty too.We hope this change of mindset will help them to lead a healthy life.She also taught them the importance of eating right, ginger and onion to fight off COVID, cucumber to cool oneself during summer; and most importantly that children should eat what GROWS on plants, and not what is MANUFACTURED in plants.

Finger Puppets

17 June, 2020

Finger puppets have long been the idea behind visual teaching for pre-primary children. Finger puppets are generally very simple, consisting of a sheath that the puppeteer inserts into his fingers. Our UKG students made finger puppets for the whole family. They were elated when they cut the papers into finger folds and meticulously designed the five faces. Then they decorated their very own fathers and mothers, and the parents looked back with awestruck indulgence.

World Day against Child Labour

11 June, 2020

It is important that children appreciate what is right in the world and know what is wrong. On the occasion of World Day against Child Labour, students were sensitized to the plight of the many who are of their age but instead of donning a school bag, have to do the responsibility of earning for their family. Because it is ultimately these students who will inherit the world and change the wrongs into right.

Lemonade (Pre-Primary)

19 May, 2020

When life gives you lemons, UKG students make LEMONADE Covid has made life and lockdown difficult (sour like lemons). So amidst this lockdown time, teachers taught students how to enjoy themselves and use the opportunity for (a different type of) learning .The mummys and papas were brimming with pride, holding the glass of lemonade in their hands!

Who is Priyanka Chatterjee Storyteller - Golpodidi?

15 May, 2020

Priyanka Chatterjee is an International Story Consultant, an MBA (Gold Medalist) and an alumna of International Institute of Storytelling, Emerson College, UK. Chatterjee, an ardent lover of Strawberries, never knew there existed a Wild Strawberry patch right beside where she lived, until a friend brought it to her notice. Interestingly, that's how we all are — searching for meaning everywhere except for looking within. She gave birth to 'Wild Strawberry', an Art Exploration company with this eye-opening thought where Storytelling and Drama are used as mediums of exploration of self, others and the world around. Till date, 'Wild Strawberry' is tasted by more than 1 Lakh children and 25000 adults


13 May, 2020

A little bit of happiness is the need of the hour for little children. Swarnim International School organized an online Yoga session by Ms Shrradha Setalvad for the students. The younger students became butterflies and snakes through yogasanas. The elder children learnt 10 poses, 3 different types of breathing and learnt how to count in Sanskrit.

Rabindra Jayanti and Mother s Day

08 May, 2020

Rabindranath Tagore a name, a legacy of poetry, music, literature and philosophy. He has inspired poets, writers, thinkers and common man alike. To remember one of the greatest poets we celebrated his 159th birth anniversary at Swarnim . One of the students recited Rabindranath- erPrati  a tribute to Tagore by another brilliant poet, Sukanta Bhattacharya. The poet reminisces the ideology of Tagore in silent contemplation which gives him courage to wade through the challenges of life. In this present difficult scenario, when human race is struggling to survive, Tagore s songs and poetry are our companions to fight against odds. Our students presented his creations in the class wise celebrations. This year s celebration was on different themes (parjay) of his songs. Those are puja, swadesh, prem, prakriti, bichitra, aanushthanik.Each class was assigned a theme, the songs and dances were based on it. Some children drew beautiful pictures and they involved themselves in their very own way of role play of Tagore s short stories. Children did not forget to wish their mothers because it was Mother s Day too. Preprimary children made cards along with their mothers, gifted them and hugged them tight. Our older students made secret gifts and surprised their mothers.

Celebrating International Dance Day

29 April, 2020

The famous dancer Isadora Duncan had said, "Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual.” The students of Swarnim came together to celebrate International Dance Day today. When the spirit is high, how can a lockdown stop these creative and vibrant minds? The junior students from classes 1-3 happily danced on several contemporary Hindi and Bengali songs. They also discussed the different dance forms of the world, their postures and costumes. Class 4 remembered Jean Georges who introduced modern ballet. Class 5 paid a humble tribute to Tagore and performed on two of his delightful songs. Class 6 danced together on the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. Not only did the students of class 7 perform gracefully on some contemporary songs, they also put up well researched presentations on dance therapy, famous dance forms and renowned dancers.

Earth Day

22 April, 2020

On 22nd April, Earth Day, students were asked to show their love for mother Earth by wearing blue and green coloured clothes at home.Blue represented water and green is the flora on land. They took the oath of always keeping Earth happy. Students were also asked to imagine and draw a picture of the Earth they would love to live in. A brightly glowing future where Mother Earth and human civilisation can once again co-exist in harmony and goodwill.

Swarnim stands besides the people in distress

22 April, 2020

Mr Deepak Das, a resident of the Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality feeds the poor every single day. Since COVID, the number of people he has been providing meals to, has increased manifold. Swarnim Management, Teachers, Admin staff and even Group IV staff are privileged to humbly contribute towards a fund which is enabling him to carry on his mission. We wish him more power to carry on the great humanitarian work that he is doing.


14 April, 2020

Thank you for your support, encouragement and commitment to our institution. We pray for the happiness, prosperity and success of everyone of everyone on the auspicious occasion of Swarnim Jayanti and Poila Boishakh. Celebrating online as per the times!

Show and Tell and Annual Exhibition for Pre primary

21 February, 2020

Show and Tell and Annual Exhibition for Pre primary The Pre-Primary section of Swarnim International School organized Show Ďní Tell along with their Annual exhibition on 21st February 2020. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Rakhi Das, Principal of Kidzee, Garia Station. Mrs. Das praised the students and the teachers for their hard work to put up the show. The exhibition was divided into different sections, starting with Montessori Equipment, Landforms, Water Cycle. Our Environment was segregated into plants, animals, water kingdom, followed by Sense-Station depicting five sense organs of the human body. The next section was Exercises of Practical Life (EPL) where the various life skills that children learn were showcased. Numbers, Language and Story telling were the last 3 sections of the exhibition. The primary objective of the exhibition was to appraise the parents of how their children learn at school. The highlight of the exhibition was the Food ATM. The concept of Food ATM was chosen to sensitize and spread awareness among not only the children but also the elders about zero wastage of food for a hunger-free India. In Show Ďní Tell each child spoke about his/her favourite object in the classroom. This is a practice to encourage the children to speak in front of an audience, build confidence and hone observation skills. Parents were pleasantly surprised to see their children speak English without fear and hesitation.


18 February, 2020

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science." - Albert Einstein As the quote goes the students of classes 3 to 6 of Swarnim International School were overjoyed to go for an educational tour to the Science City on 15.02.2020. There they could unravel the mysteries of the universe, they were enthralled to learn about the evolution of man and were mesmerized by the adaptations of the different species of Galapagos islands. The three shows that they watched at the Science city were Science on a Sphere, Panorama on Human Evolution and Galapagos 3D show. They also understood the theories behind various exhibits at the space theatre, Dynamotion Hall and the Mirror Reflection Centre. They were aptly explained the concepts and mechanisms behind each exhibit. The visit enhanced their observational, comprehension, analytical and reasoning skills.

Farm visit

07 February, 2020

Pre primary students visited a farm today ..were fascinated to see the cow being milked .. some students petted the calf .. they were amazed to see some vegetables like beetroot, radish growing underground; vegetables like brocolli and cauliflower, raw tomatoes growing on the ground and some vegetables hanging like bottle gourd and peas. They could identify different plants like climbers, trees and shrubs; and different parts of the plant like leaf root stem etc. This corresponds with the theme - Plants which they are learning this month.

Education World Award

30 January, 2020

Thank you to Education World for recognising our hard work. This is dedicated to Team Swarnim - kudos to all for achieving 2nd position in only 3 years !


30 January, 2020

The creative power resides in all of us. May Ma Saraswati keep illuminating this flame and bless all the little ones in abundance.

Annual Sports Meet 2020

18 January, 2020

Annual Sports Meet 2020 - Faster Stronger Higher

Christmas Celebration

25 December, 2019

Christmas Celebration


15 December, 2019


Annual Day - primary and pre primary

12 December, 2019

Marvelous annual program. We have enjoyed but kids are too... Hats off to all teachers for their too hard effort

Children's Day

14 November, 2019

"Spreading Smiles" - our students helped to do just that on the occasion of Children's Day. All students of Swarnim donated their pre loved toys and stationery which students of class 5 took to JMS. A big thank you to parents who help us to teach the children to make children's day special for other children as well.

Workshop on Environment

26 September, 2019

With Greta Thunberg's speech and the Climate talks gaining momentum, its time students became aware of the impending global crisis and their responsibility in saving Mother Earth. An interactive session on Environment Awareness was conducted by Ms. Suchismitra Basu from One Earth Social Initiative. Ms. Basu discussed issues like global warming, deforestation, menace of single use plastic and the ways we can improve the situation. It was heartening to see the student's awareness and participation. It was an informative session which concluded with a pledge of doing our bit for protecting this earth. Students will be receiving a list of 30 ways they can help the environment and will be implementing this daily in October.

Solo singing

20 September, 2019

A solo singing performance by the students of the Primary section was held on 5th September. Children were free to choose their own songs. It was heartening to see their enthusiasm and effort to excel.

Grandparents' Day

07 September, 2019

Grandparents' Day was celebrated at Swarnim on 7th September. As children held their hands and led them to their classrooms, tears of joy, love and pride welled up in the grandparents' eyes. Grandparents played games with their grandchildren, looked around the school where their most precious ones spend their childhood, accepted simple handmade gifts from their best friends. Swarnim earned their blessings and good wishes. We heartily thank all parents and their parents who took the effort and pain to come and grace our school despite health constraints and long distances.

Teachers' Day Celebrations at Swarnim

05 September, 2019

Teachers' Day Celebrations at Swarnim. "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Deva Maheswara". Students conveyed their love and respect for their teachers through, poems, songs and dance. Teachers re-lived their student days while they played "passing the pillow".

Smart Parenting

31 August, 2019

A workshop on 'Smart Parenting' was conducted by Ms.Mohini Ojha, special educator from Caring Minds at Swarnim on 31st August 2019. The workshop addressed challenges that parents face in bringing up children in this digital era. It explored the elements of positive parenting and strategies to keep excessive usage of electronic gadgets in check. The parents interacted actively in the session and thanked the school for organising such a workshop.

Reading week

28 August, 2019

Reading is given a lot of emphasis at Swarnim. Though 20 minutes of reading is part of the daily timetable , we celebrate Reading Week where every day different activities help a child to develop a love for books. Role paly, patachitra, Readers Theatre, puppetry are just some of the story telling techniques we use to make stories come alive!

The 73rd Independence Day

15 August, 2019

The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal at Swarnim International School. The pre primary students dressed up like great leaders and awed us by their speeches. Group Captain C.K. Bandopadhyay (retired) graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. After the hoisting of the tricolour by the Guest of Honour, rendition of 'Kadam kadam badhaye ja' by the school choir touched everyone's heart. This was followed by colourful and spirited dance performances by the students of classes I - VI. The Director spoke about the values the school tries to inculcate in the children. Aditya Deb Gon of Class V outlined four basic duties as a good citizen. Group Capt. C.K. Bandhopadhay lifted the spirits with his motivational address to students, parents and teachers. The celebration concluded with the iconic, ever inspiring 'We shall overcome' in Bengali, Hindi and English followed by our National Anthem. After the heart-warming cultural programme, each child was gifted a laddoo and a sapling by the school.

Catch club

13 August, 2019

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. - John Bunyan And Swarnim parents have done this so generously - giving clothes, shoes and other relief materials. Our Catalysts of Change (CatCh) club students have sorted and packed these and sent to Goonj - who will deliver to the Assam flood affected victims. 62 cartons. A big Thank you to all the parents - we all have to collectively keep the belief alive in our children that the world is a good place and that those who can - ought to help others.


07 August, 2019

At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom', these words by India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru will forever remain etched in our history. After a century of struggle and being ruled by the British, India was claiming the freedom we always deserved, and today, we must ask: Are we respecting the struggle of our forefathers and mother's? Are we valuing this freedom? I don't want to talk about the past, I want to speak about the future. I want to speak about 4 responsibilities - First, the responsibility of doing - simply put - it's our responsibility towards taking action for things that matter, of doing something for change - like voting. Second, upholding this freedom. There are many communities in India who still don't enjoy freedom. If you are someone who enjoys freedom then help them. Third, speaking up is a big responsibility. If we see something wrong happening around us, it is our responsibility to speak up and urge for action. Lastly, it's about knowing, we cannot be responsible citizens if we do not know what is happening around us. It's a must in shaping our country's democracy. These 4 are just the tip of our duties as a citizen. So let's ensure that everyday as an Indian citizen we should remind ourselves to build a strong, peaceful and active community. And with that note I wish Azadi Divas to everyone! Thank you. ---- Adityadeb Gon from class V. A beautiful elocution competition --- words from young children - showing us their commitment and expectations of the India they will inherit.

Fruit week

04 August, 2019

"When our bodies feel right, our minds work right!" Fruit are a great storage of energy and also are remedies for many diseases. Thus their regular intake keeps us away from being ill. To imbibe and inculcate the habit of eating fruit every day, Swarnim has a fruit break daily and celebrates a "Fruit Week" every year. Those who follow the fruit chart for all five days are rewarded with "Fruit Champ" badges.

Dance competition

08 July, 2019

Annual Dance Competition- Eastern / Western. The talent that we got to witness was truly amazing !

Doctor's Day

01 July, 2019

Doctors are next to God. Very few would refute this. On Doctor's Day, Swarnim students wish to thank all doctors around the world for keeping them healthy and hearty. Our students visited Dr.Pallab Das, Dr. Sayantan Banerjee and Dr.G.C.Das to wish them on this special day, express their gratitude for their dedication and commitment towards our society. They gave handmade cards and homemade cookies to them as a humble token of appreciation. We are obliged to Dr. Bappaditya Biswas, whose son studies in Swarnim, for dropping in at the school and interacting with our students.

Mud Day

29 June, 2019

29th June is observed as International Mud Day to spread awareness about the benefits of being in touch with nature. When children enjoy and understand nature, they can appreciate its gifts. Today, nature came indoors! All our children loved and enjoyed the squishy feel of mud in their hands. They were excited to touch, feel, smell and be "messy" and do something for which they are usually scolded on other days. Some kneaded the mud into balls and formed various shapes of their liking; some children reinvented the art of writing on clay tablets to show off their newly acquired knowledge. Children displayed their creative and sculpting skills as they moulded soft mud to make clay models of Ganesha, animals, flowers etc.


21 June, 2019

The Bhagvad Gita says "Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self." Yoga is an ancient, physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. This year's theme is "Yoga for Heart". Our main aim is to raise awareness amongst the students on the many benefits of practicing yoga. Practicing Yoga is one of the ways to grow into a better human being with a sharp mind, a healthy heart and a relaxed soul.

Martial Arts

19 June, 2019

Martial Arts at Swarnim. 12 students proudly received Yellow Belts for Taekwondo from the Traditional School of Martial Arts, India. They have been training with us for a year and had taken the exam in May. The certificates and the belts were given out by Mrs. Manju Pachisia, Chairperson, Women Corporate Director Committee from the FICCI Ladies Organization. Mrs. Pachisia addressed the students and urged them to bring out their best in their chosen fields through discipline and hard work. Another proud moment was when our teacher was recognised as a "Thought Provoker", a competition organised by Open Door assessing the question making powers of a teacher - whether they teach a child to think. Ms Anindita Mazumdar is among the top 100 finalists from across India from 5000 teachers who participated.

Celebrations of Mothers Day and Rabindra Jayanti

08 May, 2019

Along with understanding Good Touch Bad Touch. Thank you YI Chairperson Rajat Sarawgi for personally coming to school and conducting the workshop. As always our children looked adorable, performed beautifully and made their mothers happy with their gifts. One mother remarked - "I may be smiling outside but inside Im crying, I am so touched." Mothers, you deserve the love and pampering for all that you do, day in day out.

Sensations in Sense Stations

01 May, 2019

Swarnim children halted at five stations of sense organs and experienced the sensations of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. They learnt as much as they enjoyed peeping through hole in box to see colour changing lights, or tasting a drop of lime juice, or listening to the different sounds produced by the sound boxes, or running their palms over different textured surfaces or smelling a perfumed soap etc. Montessori equipment as well as everyday objects were used to teach concepts like sour - sweet, smooth - rough , loud- soft.. Sense Station is an annual activity to reinforce the concepts of five sense organs of the human body.

International Dance Day

29 April, 2019

International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance. The event takes place every year on 29th April to promote the art of dance worldwide. To celebrate this day in a special way, Kidzee Garia invited our students to perform dance for their tiny tots. A scintillating performance by our students wowed the students of Kidzee. They applauded and appreciated as their friends from Swarnim danced to rhythmic numbers like "Fagun ero mohonai" , "Mera Joota hain Japani" and " Yeh Desh hain veer jawano ka". Thanks to Kidzee Garia for such a fantastic celebration of dance through collaboration and camaraderie. Swarnim students returned with fond memories and big smiles.


12 April, 2019

The school celebrated SWARNIM JAYANTI, the school's Foundation Day and rang in the Bengali New Year. The students of Class 1 welcomed new members of the Swarnim family with a dance to the song, 'Swagtam, shubh swagatam'. This was followed by the iconic song "Old man river" sung by our students in English, Hindi, Bengali and Assamese . The girls of classes 4, 5 and 6 performed a very rhythmic folk dance. All of them were looking very colourful and cheerful . Children have their own sense of celebration and they sang "Happy Birthday Swarnim" with their quintessential candour and warmth.

Annual Day Programme and Convocation 2018-19

16 March, 2019

We were blessed to have Smt Alokanada Roy, danseuse par excellence , and a human par excellence grace our Annual Day . We were delighted to have Shri Rashid Munir Khan, IPS, SP of Baruipur as our Guest of Honour. Students put up a stunning performance with important social message - child labour, deforestation and flouting of traffic rules need to STOP and the change begins when each one of us decides - I Can I Will!

Family Day

15 March, 2019

Swarnim international School in Kolkata invited our team to join the 'Family Day' celebrations. After the 'Know Your Waste' session ..the Children had a fun activity, collecting plastic bottles and bringing it to the recycling box. The school has started recycling their dry waste, and waiting to hand it over to recyclers. @Swarnim International School, the Family Day was an event with a PURPOSE ! We look forward to engaging with the students again.

Profit and Loss done by Class V

25 February, 2019

"If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business". Students of Class V,understanding the value of money first hand and realising that business is a miniature model of life. Just as there are ups and downs in life,there exists profit and loss in business. A market scenario helped them to make sales and purchases to understand concepts of CP, SP and profit

Community Helpers

18 February, 2019

Thank you dear parents for all your hard work ! Our students learnt a lot that day about each profession - including that all are important for our survival and well being

Educational Trip to Science City

02 February, 2019

Students of Classes 1 to 5 went to the Science City for their annual educational trip. They enjoyed the Dark Ride, a show on the Solar System and the joy ride on the toy train. It was a joyous sight to behold as all of them returned with flushed cheeks, eyes sparkling , broad smiles and loads of ideas and learning.

Pre primary show and tell

02 February, 2019

Pre primary show and tell

Republic Day

26 January, 2019

Swarnim International School celebrated 70th Republic Day by hoisting the tricolor and with a short cultural programme. The Nursery students in traditional attire matched their steps with " Nanha munna rahi hoon" . The Upper KG students danced to a medley of songs where they conveyed their regards for the "Veer Jawans", they affirmed their "dil hai Hindustani" and proclaimed their love for India. Debarghyo De of Class 2 and Sourina Dutta of Class V recited Tagore's "Where the Mind is without Fear" in Bengali and English respectively. The Headmistress spoke about the importance of learning to follow rules at an early age so that children grow up to be law abiding citizens of this great nation.

A nation's culture

25 January, 2019

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." Mahatma Gandhi. Here are some heart warming depictions from the littlest citizens of this great country

Founders Day Health Camp

05 January, 2019

As Swarnim International School wishes good health and happiness for its Founder Chairman, Shri H.P.Budhia, on his birthday, it chooses to spread health awareness among parents and students. The health camp in association with Neotia Mediplus, Caring Minds and Antara, on 5th January 2019, Saturday, at the school premises was well attended and appreciated by all. Besides a range of diagnostic tests, every parent got the opportunity to consult a special educator and a general physician individually. Parents attended interactive group sessions with an experienced paediatrician, psychological counsellors, dietician and nutritionist .


25 December, 2018

SWAR students are now Speaking With Accuracy and Relevance. They displayed their command over the language and their learning over the past 6 months in a beautiful program. Ably guided by Basabdatta Chakravarty, they held a discussion on Better India. A mesmerising Bihu dance performance and the evergreen song proved that had "truly overcome" their inhibitions and were now speaking English fluently.

Khel Utsav

22 December, 2018

Sports Day where every religion and region was represented. Because if children learn to embrace diversity, learn the values of tolerance , we can be a truly united country. Celebrating each other festivals is one way of teaching respect. And we are a country that loves to celebrate. We celebrate seasons. We celebrate fortune and harvest. We celebrate learning. Khel Utsav was about celebrating sports.... and life!

The Student Led Conference

08 December, 2018

The Student Led Conference (SLC) on 8th December 2018 engaged students and their parents in various learning activities in the form of games. Parents revisited their schooldays and at the same time were happy to see their children explain complex concepts with ease and eagerness. The activities covered all subjects at the primary school level. We were happy to see children leaving the classrooms with a broad smile and a sense of achievement.

Our 3 year old makes us proud

05 December, 2018

Our 3 year old makes us proud !! In the entire championship Aishik was youngest. He is now only 3 yrs 10 months old. Being the youngest to represent the country, he was awarded with two medals and a memento. International Championship Kumite-Gold & Kata- Silver Medals. God bless Aishik Mondal !

Early Childhood Association

29 November, 2018

Our management and teachers attended a workshop on Saturday. They learnt how to identify special needs, how to make a story come alive, how to teach phonetically and importance of Circle Time. This workshop was supported by Swarnim International School as we strongly believe that the first 6 years are paramount in a child's life.So much of peer learning from heads of the best preschools of Kolkata. With the notable exception of #sumansood ,head of Kolkata territotry, who could not attend due to unavoidable reasons.. A saturday well spent with learning and fun.. #EarlyChildhoodAssociation.

"Spreading Smiles" on Children's Day

14 November, 2018

"Spreading Smiles" on Children's Day, our Grade 5 students visited JMS school and presented their students with toys and stationary. Arav Baid’s mother gave ice creams to all. A big thank you to all parents who so generously sent these gifts. Everybody came back with big smiles !

Students celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day

01 November, 2018

Students today celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day. #outdoorclassroomday 1. Lil Learners - Children collected flowers, leaves and twigs from the garden and made a “ Nature Paintbrush” with those. Then they painted different patterns sitting under the pleasant autumn sun. 2. Nursery made nature bracelets with grass, leaves and petals and felt the different texture of each item. 3. Lower KG students listened to the Aesop’s fable , " A bundle of sticks". Threy collected twigs and tried breaking them. They found they can break one twig at a time but can’t break a bundle of twigs. 4. Upper KG kids learnt about land transport as they formed a train, scooter, car etc and moved about in the field. 5. Class 1 learnt about the parts of a plant. 4 groups went on searching around the school grounds for the different part of a plant assigned to each. 6. Class 2 students first gathered pebbles, leaves and twigs and then distributed among themselves to learn division with remainder. 7. Class 3 – With the green grass beneath their feet the children did Math activities and answered with the objects found in nature. 8. Class 4 scooped out soil with a mini trowel, put it in a clear glass and added water. They have kept it in their classroom to observe the layers of the soil the next day. 9. Class 5 walked under the trees, around the bushes reciting Harry Behn’s poem “Trees”. They experienced learning about trees under a tree for the first time.

Durga Puja Program

11 October, 2018

Swarnim kids ushered in the festive spirit of Durga Puja with a beautiful program replete with dance performances on agomoni and folk songs. Children from Nursery to Class V participated in the program and it culminated with children forming the "Durga Chaalchitro" depicting the victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasur. Students who have been reading and have received the highest Freeados in their classes were also recognised. We also celebrated our achievement in the Education World Awards- securing 3rd TOP emerging school in India !


30 September, 2018

We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to be adjudged amongst the top 3 high potential schools of INDIA by the Education World - One of the Best Education Portals in India !

Ashish Sharma - a man with a great mission

27 September, 2018

Ashish Sharma - a man with a great mission ! To eradicate child beggars . And send them for education instead. Our students pledged not to give any alms to any beggars. And will help to spread the word amongst their own community. We wish him lots of luck ! India needs more men like him !!

Reading week

17 September, 2018

"Reading is the key that opens doors to many good things in life." A child's motivation is the key factor for good reading habits. We celebrated the Reading Week through a medley of activities to kindle the passion for reading in each child. Each class selected five different age appropriate stories, ranging from Aesop's Fables, Fairy Tales in the Pre primary classes to stories from Greek Mythology, classics and folk tales in the Primary classes. The preschool children did role plays and group reading. Teachers used props and also dressed up as the characters of the stories. On the last day of Reading Week, the pre-primary students dressed up as different animals and enacted the story "The Sky is Falling". Students from the Primary Section were excited to act as ventriloquists, as they narrated stories using hand puppets. The vibrant and expressive ancient folk-art "Pata-Chitra"(scroll-painting) of Bengal was used for making folk tales come alive. Classics like "Gulliver's Travels" and "Treasure Island" were read out alongside picture sequencing and using "cut-outs" of the main characters. The week boosted students' confidence and interest to read stories to a great deal and enriched their vocabulary.

Grandparents Day

07 September, 2018

When Grandparents visit your school and play games, even the biscuits start smiling ! Happy Grandparents Day! Because a Grandparent is little bit teacher, a little bit parent and mostly a best friend!

CATCH club

06 September, 2018

The CATalysts of CHange - CATCH club students have collected approx 175 kgs of clothes. They sorted them into men, women, children and sundries which included medicines, blankets and shoes. All these cartons have been sent to the awesome people at Goonj Kolkata who will despatch to Kerela. Thank you parents for your generosity. Just goes to show that together we can make a BIG difference !

Teachers Day 2018

05 September, 2018

Teachers. The true Change Makers of society. In the aftermath of the tragic incident of Majerhat bridge collapse yesterday, all teachers reiterated their commitment to building a better society by nurturing children to become better human beings . But before things got so serious , it was all fun and games for a team of extremely talented , extremely hard working and extremely passionate teachers. Performances by their students , snacks and a small token of appreciation , games galore - it was smiles all the way ! You deserve it teachers. For all that you do - every single day - today belongs to you ! A special thank you to father of Rajanoy Bose, nursery who sent cake for all teachers and support staff

Traffic Awareness Drive

28 August, 2018

The students of Swarnim International School took to the road to make people aware of the traffic rules and safety measures to be followed while driving. We are grateful to the Officer-in-Charge (Traffic) of Sonarpur PS for involving our children actively in the "Safe Drive Save Life" campaign. The children stopped passing vehicles, stuck "Safe Drive Save Life" stickers on them and made the drivers promise to follow safety rules. We hope children's appeals and efforts will make a positive difference in this regard.

Best upcoming School Award

27 August, 2018

Swarnim International School was awarded the Best Upcoming School on the 25th August at Vidya Mandir at the Gurukul Awards ceremony organised by the Lions Clubs of Mother Teresa Sarani and Kankurgachi . Congratulations to all our stakeholders-Management, teachers and parents! Recognition inspires us to continue giving our best to our students. Thank you to all for your support in our journey to give quality education to our children.

Visit to Oxford to meet Nandana Dev Sen

23 August, 2018

Students of UKG attended a story telling session by Ms Nandana Dev Sen.

Independence Day Celebrations

15 August, 2018

Swarnim International School celebrated the 72nd Independence Day with grandeur and a promise for a greener India. The school joined hands with "Temple of Inner Wisdom (TIW)" to gift each child a sapling. Shri Amit Doshi from TIW hoisted the tricolour, which was followed by the National Anthem. Shri Doshi underscored the importance of creating awareness about the environment from a tender age in his address. The students of the primary section put up a gamut of vibrant and rivetting performances After the heartwarming cultural program, each child planted a sapling in the school garden, tagged with their own name, a pet name for the plant and its scientific name. All parents were also gifted saplings. Students promised to look after their "tree friend" and help it to grow as they grow up. On Independence Day, let us try and give back to our country in whatever way we can..

Multiple intelligences workshop

11 August, 2018

Multiple intelligences workshop conducted Mrs Suman Sood, Director of Mongrace Montessori House and Kolkata head of Early Childhood Association. We deeply appreciate her mentorship which helped us win the prestigious ISA Award from the British Council.

Swarnim Fruit Week

09 August, 2018

Fruits are an important part of one's diet. Fruits contain important nutrients and fibers that helps in growth and development. To inculcate the habit of eating fruits among the students, they were asked to bring different fruits on different days. At the end of the week, students were rewarded Fruit Champ badge.

Mud Day

07 August, 2018

Isn't it sheer bliss to hear children screaming with joy?? Swarnim students rolled in the mud, got wet in the rain, made themselves messy and did everything that they would not be allowed to do on other days! What can be more fun! Starting from the International Mud Day i.e 29th June, for a week, the students of all grades celebrated Mud Day in turns in their own way. Oblivious to all the benefits of being in contact with mud and how it can help build up immunity, children just enjoyed being dirty!!

Give Peace A Chance

05 August, 2018

All we are saying - Give Peace a Chance "World Peace can be achieved when the Power of Love replaces the Love of Power" - Sri Chinmoy Students and teachers of Swarnim International School have taken an initiative to spread the message of peace and harmony to commemorate the tragedy of fatal bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Students of the school performed a street play,, "Give Peace a Chance", scripted and choreographed by the teachers of the school. The play highlighted the futility of war and bloodshed using three different languages, English, Hindi and Bengali. It integrated portions of legendary songs from Ray's Gupi Gain Bagha Bain - "Ore halla rajar sena, tora juddho kore korbi ki ta bol" and John Lennon's quintessential number "Give Peace a Chance". The weekend revellers were pleasantly surprised to see young children perform with ease and elan. In both the places the audience appreciated the efforts of the children and the noble thought of the school. Some of them came up to the teachers to congratulate them for bringing up the future generation with 'real' learning. Team Swarnim hopes that we learn from history and the mistakes are not repeated.

Doctor's Day

02 July, 2018

Thank you Doctors for always being there for us.