Reading Week 2021

25 September, 2021

"A book is a gift you can open again and again." Here's a sneak peek of our event 'Reading Week' 2021.

Viswakarma Puja - Kite Making 2021

17 September, 2021

Festivals and celebrations are at its very best in Kolkata. The pulse starts beating from the sound of Bho-o-Katt-aa on the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja. It was Lord Vishwakarma who made almost all the flying chariots for Gods along with their weapons. Kites are flown as a mark of admiration for his skills. The students of pre-primary celebrated Vishwakarma Puja on 17th September. The teachers of respective classes spoke about Lord Vishwakarma which was followed by craft activity. In this activity the children made different types of colourful kites in class and also they flew kites with their family which the children enjoyed a lot.

Hindi Diwas 2021

14 September, 2021

Hindi is one of the official languages of India. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on the 14th of September, to commemorate the adoption of Hindi in Devanagari script as one of the official languages of the Republic of India. This day is celebrated for promotion and propagation of the Hindi Language. The main objective of celebrating this day is to connect people in every region of this diverse country through the sacred thread called Hindi and also spreading it on a global level. Today Hindi is one of the most spoken language in the World and we are proud of the rich history associated with this language.

Sense Station Pre-Primary 2021

07 September, 2021

Pre primary children enjoyed learning about the five senses . They watched and mimicked themselves in front of the mirror with glee as they realized that we see with our eyes. They clapped loudly and softly, while listening to the instructions thus exploring the fact that we hear with our ears. They learnt how the nose is used not only for smelling , but how it also distinguishes between good smell and bad smell by smelling various objects like soap bar, a piece of onion etc. It was great fun as they discovered the sense of taste through their tongue by tasting sugar, salt and lime .Lastly, they recognized the sense of touch by feeling various objects against their skin like cotton, ice, scrubber etc .

Janmashtami Celebration 2021

30 August, 2021

Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. There are various stories about Lord Krishna as a child. Teachers organised video shows and storytelling sessions for preprimary students. Children not only dressed up as little Krishna but also made head bands, flutes and decorated earthen pots in the class.

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Raksha Bandhan 2021

22 August, 2021

Rakshabandhan is a beautiful Indian festival that celebrates the bond of love and commitment to protect each other. Students at Swarnim made beautiful rakhis in the class and tied them on their favourite plants after the class. The celebration allowed children to understand the importance of loving and preserving nature.

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Happy Independence Day 2021

15 August, 2021

On the Platinum Jubilee of India's Independence, we pay our humble tribute to all those bravehearts whose selfless and valiant contributions won us our freedom.

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Digital Media Workshop with Aditi Jhunjhunwala

06 August, 2021

Students and parents showed their inquisitiveness and interest for the series of digital media workshops conducted by Ms. Aditi Jhunjhunwala. They could easily pick up and effectively implement more than the rudimentary aspects and features of the application taught by Aditi Maam. It was quite an intriguing experience for the students and parents alike and that they enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, students might potentially form a penchant for engaging and developing different mini-projects of their own through the application which would allow their creativity to blossom further and gain valuable technical skills.

Fruit Week - Aug 2021

04 August, 2021

Fruits are nature’s gift to mankind. Fruits have always found a way into our daily diet because of their innumerable benefits. Fruits also found a way into our virtual classrooms where the pre-primary students celebrated the fruit week with a lot of gusto. The children ate and drew fruits like mango, banana, guava, papaya and apple on paper by cotton dabbing, paper tearing, blow painting, colouring, finger tipping and paper folding. Information on the benefits of fruits was also shared through stories, videos and presentations. It was lovely to see the students snack on fruits throughout the week during the break time and enjoy them too.

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Report on Teaching and Learning in July 2021 for Classes I to VIII.

13 July, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in July 2021 for Classes I to VIII.

Sing-Along 2021

13 July, 2021

Pre-primary classes came alive with parents, children and teachers singing rhymes together with actions and expressions. As the parents revisited their childhood , their children watched their uninhibited performances in awe. Sing Along sessions help parents understand how rhymes build vocabulary, confidence and improve pronunciation.

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Report on Teaching and Learning in July 2021 for Pre-Primary.

12 July, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in July 2021 for Pre-Primary.

Report on Teaching and Learning in June 2021 for Classes I to VIII.

11 July, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in June 2021 for Classes I to VIII.

Report on Teaching and Learning in June 2021 for Pre-Primary.

10 July, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in June 2021 for Pre-Primary.

Fitness Workshop by Swati Poddar 2021

05 July, 2021

We are grateful to Ms. Swati Poddar for conducting wonderful workshops on Fitness for our children.

Madhubani Art

03 July, 2021

It was a wonderful art session by Chhayya Agarwalla Ma'am who introduced Warli and Madhubani Art to the students of Classes III and IV. These art forms are basically drawn using a set of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and single and double lines. Students were absorbed in the creative session which conspicuously displayed mesmerizing ruminative qualities.

Vaccination Drive 2021

22 June, 2021

Only when everyone is vaccinated can our children return to school. Swarnim teachers are missing their students so much - we thought this was a good way to speed up the process.

Yoga Day 2021

21 June, 2021

Yoga, which originated in India and has been a part of our civilization for millennia, is a practice that orients our mind, body and spirit. On International Yoga Day, the Pre-Primary children displayed different animal postures in Yoga as they heard stories about those and later drew pictures. Primary classes too did yogasanas in the class with their respective class teachers. Students of the Secondary Section researched and made power point presentations about Yoga as a productive tool to enhance physical and mental well being.

Fathers Day

20 June, 2021

Every child looks up to his/her father as a superhero and feels proud in saying My Daddy strongest. This year, as we celebrate Fathers Day on 20th June, we would like to express our gratitude to all the fathers who stood strong amidst all crisis with a smile. At Swarnim, preprimary students made craft items, sang songs and played games with their fathers. Upper KG children prepared sandwiches, shakes and choco balls, which they had learnt as a part of their Summer Vacation Homework to say, Daddy, we love you always. You are the best.

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Inhale sabr exhale shukr... Wishing all Eid Mubarak.

14 May, 2021

Eid is all about wearing new clothes of kindness which never wear off. It's about putting the aroma of love and spreading it everywhere. Most importantly, it's about wishing for health, happiness and prosperity for all. Our Eid celebration was essentially about praying to the almighty for strength to endure every difficulty and also healing the planet and ushering in a healthier society for all. Pre-Primary students wore white as it's a colour of peace and simplicity. They were shown a short video which taught them the values of sharing and caring. Children made cards and wrote down their messages on them. Food, drinks and henna are some of the essential ingredients of Eid celebration. So some of our children prepared a drink named 'Sharbat-e-Khaas' with fruits available at home and relished it with great delight. Another group drew palm imprints on paper and made beautiful patterns on them with henna.

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Rabindra Jayanti 2021

09 May, 2021

Swarnim pays tribute to the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore on his 160th Birth Anniversary.

Mothers Day 2021

08 May, 2021

The purest form of love is a mothers love for her children. To acknowledge the beautiful bonding between a mother and her child, we celebrated Mothers Day. Our teachers planned different activities to engage children and their mothers in the classroom. Pre-Primary children enjoyed different craft activities like making wind chimes and paper-cutting palm prints. Primary and Secondary children made DIY gifts like quilt paper earrings, necklaces and cards for their mothers. They also invited their mothers to class to express their love and gratitude and share their favourite memories with them.

Report on Teaching and Learning in April 2021 for Primary.

06 May, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in April 2021 for Primary.

Report on Teaching and Learning in April 2021 for Pre-Primary.

05 May, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in April 2021 for Pre-Primary.

World Laughter Day

04 May, 2021

Celebrating World Laughter Day. Because laughter is the best medicine.

International Dance Day

29 April, 2021

From the early initiations of man's instinctive will to play a role and move to the melody produced by different vibrations has been quite intriguing, to say the least. Along the development of human civilization, society has had reaffirmed the importance of the impact of different art forms. One of the most important ones being the art of dancing. Diversified through generations of imaginative prowess, we have now come to create and recognize the affluence and the spectacular grandeur the art form has evolved into. Dance has touched and left a mark on every culture, and continues to do so even today. Students of Swarnim International School today celebrated "International Dance Day" enthusiastically with several forms of dance. It also spread the message of the benefits of dance, its value in its art form and how dancing positively impact our lives.

English Language Day 2021

23 April, 2021

English Language Day is observed on 23rd April as it marks the birthday and death anniversary of the most famous playwright of the language, William Shakespeare. To celebrate the English Language Day, our children did several interesting and engaging activities. Class 5 children dressed up as their favourite literary characters and discussed how those fictional characters inspire them. Class 6 had a wonderful poetry reading session. Children shared their favourite poems and also made colourful charts on the same. Class 8 explored the different proverbs of English language and formulated a pictorial quiz on them. All the activities were designed to inculcate the habits of reading and communication in English in children.

Happy Earth Day

22 April, 2021

Happy Earth Day 22nd of April is celebrated as Earth Day around the world. The theme this year is Restore Our Earth. The students of Swarnim believe in the saying Be the change that you wish to see in the world. So, they introspected themselves, learnt about their mistakes and changed their ‘earth unfriendly behaviour. They are now the Changemakers. Hope they set an example for others, inspire them and collectively, we all will be able to reinstate the lost glory of our Mother Earth!

Report on Teaching and Learning in March 2021 for Primary.

12 April, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in March 2021 for Primary.

Report on Teaching and Learning in March 2021 for Pre-Primary.

09 April, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in March 2021 for Pre-Primary.

World Health Day 2021

07 April, 2021

World Health Day, 7th April, was celebrated with several activities that enlightened our children to be cautious and careful about their physical and mental health. Pre-Primary students pledged to eat healthy food and bid farewell to junk food. They performed Yoga, breathing and free hand exercises in order to keep their body fit and healthy. Students chanted the famous lines  Early to bed and early to rise, makes us healthy, wealthy and wise! Children were shown a video which highlighted the significance of different good bacteria in our digestion and also explained the threat that the bad bacteria pose to our health. They were asked to identify the different healthy habits and discuss how those can be easily incorporated in our lives. Health, happiness and peace are few things that money can never buy! Thus, our children were encouraged to appreciate the mental well-being of each other as they made kindness cards. Each child wrote a compliment for a friend to uplift the happiness quotient of the class.

National Science Day

28 February, 2021

Science is everywhere in our lives. It is there in the largest heavenly body and it is there in the smallest atom around us. Science is not just about books but it surrounds us every second of our lives. National Science day is celebrated on the 28th of February every year. It is celebrated because renowned scientist Dr. C.V. Raman discovered the Raman Effect, the process of scattering of light particles by molecules of a medium, on this day in the year 1928. Students of Classes 3 to 7 learnt about Dr. Ramans life and his works. Through his life the students learnt that nature inspired him to find out the secrets of science. They were asked what inspires them to learn science. They made posters and also talked about their favourite topics. It was overwhelming to see the response of the students. We believe that we could inspire them to be critical thinkers and future scientists of our country.

Swaraswati Puja Celebration 2021

16 February, 2021

Saraswati Puja marks the onset of spring and Swarnim celebrated it with music, art, dance and poetry. The Pre-Primary children were dressed in yellow and heartily engaged in conversation regarding Saraswati Puja. Nursery students coloured the Swan and Veena, LKG drew and coloured a book cover and pasted flowers around it and UKG made an origami Swan. Older children performed dances, recited poems and made beautiful artwork depicting the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The senior students did a research on the different mythological stories related to Vasant Panchami and Goddess Saraswati. In the later half, we had an art and craft workshop conducted by the artists Mr. Kaushal Sarawagi and Ms. Sheetal Garg. Children learnt origami art and simple drawing using numbers. It was an enriching experience for all.

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Report on Teaching and Learning in Jan 2021 for Primary.

06 February, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in Jan 2021 for Primary.

Report on Teaching and Learning in Jan 2021 for Pre-Primary.

05 February, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in Jan 2021 for Pre-Primary.

A Lockdown Journal!

04 February, 2021

A lockdown journal! Of a journey … Away from friends. Of missing the security and routine of school. Of new challenges and online classes. Of spending time with loved ones. Of coping with the loss of loved ones. Of stress and mechanisms of cope But mainly about a new beginning and hope.

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72nd Republic Day Celebration

26 January, 2021

72nd Republic Day Celebration

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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti 2021

23 January, 2021

We celebrated the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to pay homage and remember his indomitable spirit and selfless service to the nation. Children were shown videos that introduced them to the life and work of this inspirational leader. Some students danced on songs like 'Agun Jalo' and 'O Amar Desher Maati' to remember the spirited personality of Netaji and his unflinching devotion to his motherland. Children also drew posters, wrote slogans and discussed the significance of Bose's ideologies in modern India as Netaji himself had said, "One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives." The virtual preprimary classrooms of Swarnim reverberated with ‘Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja’ while others danced to ‘Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon’. UKG students spoke a few lines about the great leader. The students also made the famous cap of Netaji with paper and coloured it with the tri colours. It was heartening to see such young minds imbibe the essence of national pride. Jai Hind.

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Swami Vivekananda Jayanti 2021

12 January, 2021

THE WHOLE LIFE IS A SUCCESSION OF DREAMS MY AMBITION IS TO BE A CONSCIOUS DREAMER, THATS ALL. Today is the birthday of the undaunted dreamer, the great philosopher, and the awe-inspiring educationist who had said these remarkable words,Swami Vivekananda. We celebrated this auspicious day with a series of events. Children were encouraged to learn about the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda and espouse those in their own life. Stories from his childhood were read by children, songs were sung and poems were recited to honour his work and ethics. One of our students read out a poem which has been written by her grandfather to pay tribute to Swamiji. Swamiji believed that no knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside. Following his footsteps, we pledged to strive hard and develop our innermost qualities and potential to become the best versions of ourselves.

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Report on Teaching and Learning in Dec 2020 for Primary

09 January, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in Dec 2020 for Primary.

Report on Teaching and Learning in Dec 2020 for Pre-Primary

08 January, 2021

Report on Teaching and Learning in Dec 2020 for Pre-Primary.

Christmas Celebration 2020

25 December, 2020

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." We ended this challenging and difficult year on a cheerful and positive note as all our children came together to celebrate Christmas. They were at their creative best as they decorated their rooms with handmade Christmas trees and Santa Claus models. Preprimary children made cup cakes and Swiss rolls too. Children enjoyed listening to Christmas stories like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, watched a short movie - The Gift of the Magi and sang Christmas Carols. They played and enjoyed games like Santa Says and Musical Statues in the class. Some became Secret Santa and made beautiful cards for their friends. Children learnt that Christmas means a lot more than just gifts; it is about being good to one another. Let the yuletide spirit bring cheer and smiles to all across the world. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Sing-Along (Pre-Primary)

19 December, 2020

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands…. ! At Swarnim we try and find out ways to make the path of learning smooth. Teachers and parents work hand in hand to ensure the same. One such initiative is the sing-along session, especially organized for our parents by our teachers. This time the students watched as their parents sang and danced to rhymes along with the teachers. This helped parents to be familiar with the words and actions of the rhymes done in class along with a few new ones. It also brought back their school days. As we say learning is an ongoing process and there’s no age limit for learning, our parents actively took part in the sing-along session amidst their tight schedule and loved reminiscing school days.

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National Energy Conservation Day

14 December, 2020

Energy Conserved is Energy Generated with a constantly growing human population the need for energy is also increasing. Man has been using non-renewable sources of energy to fulfil his needs. This in turn has caused scarcity of the resources and also pollution of the environment. We have been reluctant towards saving energy. A normal household can reduce up to 10% of its electricity bill by just being vigilant about switching off lights and fans when not needed. Today, having realized the energy crisis that we are headed to, we have put a step forward in using renewable sources of energy. But it is just a step. A lot more needs to be done. Children of Classes VI and VII were sensitized on this topic on 14th December, 2020 which was celebrated as the National Energy Conservation Day. These classes were given different projects to understand in what ways energy can be conserved. Class VI did an experiment ‘Desalination of Salty Water Using Solar Energy’. They were asked to take a bowl full of salty water which had to be covered with a plastic sheet. They had to keep it in the sun and observe. They did this experiment and observed droplets of water on the plastic sheet. Hence they concluded that using the heat from the sun we can desalinate water and make it fit for drinking. They inferred that since fresh water available to man is decreasing with the growing population, we need to look for other sources. Sea is the biggest source of water but it is not potable. One can set up such desalination units of bigger size to generate potable water. This method will not only fulfil the need of potable water but also it will use solar energy which is a renewable source. This will also help in conserving our non-renewable resources which are used to generate energy. Class VII did a 10 day long project of ‘Be Vigilant and Save Electricity’. These students observed their meter reading every day. They tried to conserve electricity as much as possible i.e. by switching off lights, changing to LED light bulbs etc. They observed a considerable drop in their daily meter reading. Hence, they inferred that by being careful they could conserve electricity. They also discussed that the energy saved by them may have been useful to someone in the remote areas. Hence, by conserving energy they could generate energy for someone in need. Classes VI and VII understood the importance of ‘Energy Conservation’ and promised each other to reduce their energy requirement and also to switch to solar-powered devices.

Outdoor Classroom

11 December, 2020

“Nature breeds curiosity; it helps to grow explorers rather than robots. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger. It grounds us, calms us.” -- Ben Palmer-Fry It is always better to learn amidst nature, the learning is more intimate. Swarnim pre-primary children decided to sit under the blue sky and study today, be it in their terrace, balcony or garden, disregarding the winter chill. Children, parents and teachers carried tables and chairs outside and enjoyed a winter morning with active learning. They conversed about their connection with nature and how refreshing it was. Students examined the flower pots bushes to understand the concept of “on”, “in” and “under”; little ones matched colours of the vegetables with other gifts of nature, painted to their heart’s content as they breathed in fresh air. Sitting outdoors in the foggy and chilly winter morning, the children compared the indoor and the outdoor classrooms critically. When they had to speak louder than the honking of cars, and felt damp in the smog, students realised and pointed out why regular classes are always indoors. Nevertheless, when one child shared live pictures of the clear ranges of Himalayas from his present location, all marvelled at nature’s beauty. The day was cloudy, the sun was shy, but children enjoyed the change and requested their teachers for more outdoor classes.

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School Activity for Nov 2020 - Primary

07 December, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Nov for Primary Classes

School Activity for Nov 2020 - Pre-Primary

05 December, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Nov for Pre-Primary Classes

National Pollution Prevention Day

02 December, 2020

‘Environmental Pollution is an incurable disease. It can ONLY be prevented’ The students of Swarnim International School observed the ‘National Pollution Prevention Day’ on 2nd December 2020. Classes III, IV and V did various experiments to understand the adverse effects of pollution in their lives. Class III made a ‘Pollution Catcher’ using paper plates and petroleum jelly. They have hung it on their windows and balconies to observe for the next fifteen days. They will monitor that how particulate matter present in air gets deposited on the catcher which will enlighten them about how vehicular emissions enter our body and cause serious diseases. Class IV did a comparison between emissions of a fossil fuel based car and a battery operated car. The students observed that when they burn a lamp using oil as fuel, it gives out soot and other harmful residue on a serving spoon which is carcinogenic in nature. Whereas, when the students observed their own battery operated toy cars, it did not have any harmful emissions. Class V students made their very own smog(smoke+fog) in their homes. They put a burning piece of paper in a wet glass jar and covered it with a cold lid. The water vapour condensed to form fog and mixed with smoke to form smog. The students were startled at their observations. They were sensitized to the fact that over the years we have become ignorant about the hazards of air pollution caused by petrol or diesel based cars. The students inferred by monitoring their experiments that it is high time we switch to renewable sources of energy. They concluded that this step is the only way that will reduce the amount of the slow poison which we are inhaling every second of our lives. They promised each other that they will work not only to make a greener but a more breathable Earth.

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Student Led Conference 2020

01 December, 2020

Students of Swarnim International School organised a Student Led Conference. It was a day full of learning for our children which involved active participation of the parents. Teachers had devised activities in different subjects with very specific learning outcomes. Unlike other years, this time SLC was held at home. It celebrated the bonding between the child and his/her parents while the latter could partake in the formers learning process at the same time. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the conference and appreciated the effort of their wards. We believe it inculcated more confidence and interest in every child as well when they saw the pride in their parents eyes. We would like to thank our parents who took so much time and effort to recreate a class like scenario for the children to motivate them!

We do our best, Let Mamma Papa take rest.

20 November, 2020

Learning is an ongoing process and we learn many things from our daily routine. This Durga Puja the students were confined to their homes, so they enjoyed learning basic life skills. They learnt activities to help their parents, like watching sunrise and sunset, sanitizing their toys, rolling out puris for breakfast, bird watching, laying the table and so on. Swarnim believes in learning beyond the boundaries. Emotional, mental and physical health; and family bonding are all important to a childs growth.

SOF Awards

17 November, 2020

The students of Swarnim International School, once again brought accolades to the school by bagging the Zonal Ranks in the SOF National Science and Mathematics Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation in February, 2020. Nikhil Manna, Pabitraa Chaudhury from Class III and Umang Mahato from class II took part in the Olympiad and put up a remarkable performance in the prestigious nationwide examination. Umang Mahato deserves a special mention for bringing laurels to the school by securing the 20th International Rank and 17th Zonal Rank in the National Science Olympiad (from West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Zone). The school is proud of their achievement and congratulates them on their commendable performance.

Diwali Celebration 2020

15 November, 2020

Diwali and Children's Day are coinciding this year. So we celebrated both together with light and laughter. Children were asked to dress up and sit with earthen diyas in a special evening class. They decorated their diyas using their artistic and creative skills. Children also carried out a badge campaign for a diwali without firecrackers. They took an oath to not burn any firecrackers themselves and celebrate a green diwali as they lit their bright and colourful diyas.

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ECA Award

08 November, 2020

We are extremely proud to announce that Swarnim International School has been awarded: 1. Hall of Fame 2019-20 Top 50 Non-franchised Preschools of Asia by the Early Childhood Association (ECA) 2. Hall of Fame 2019-20 Top 10 Primary Schools by Association of Primary Education and Research (APER).

School Activity for Oct 2020 - Primary

07 November, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Oct 2020 for Primary Classes.

Outdoor Play (Pre-Primary & Primary)

06 November, 2020

Outdoor play is an important part of childhood. It not only gives children immense joy but also stimulates their senses and sharpens their curious minds. We as educators realize its importance and understand how our little ones are spending lesser time outdoors than ever before, which in turn is affecting their overall well being. Thus to break this monotony Swarnim International School celebrated Outdoor Play Day with our children where they played various games involving a healthy and fun filled coordination of the mind and body, the happiness they derived was clearly evident through their broad smiles.

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School Activity for Nov 2020 - Pre-Primary

05 November, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Oct for Pre-Primary Classes.

It's Halloween

31 October, 2020

Halloween has long lost its original religious significance of “Holy Evening” or “All Saints’ Day”. Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins and jars, playing pranks on people, visiting scary and haunted attractions are now more popular amongst all sections of the society. The students of SIS enjoyed the spirit of Halloween by dressing up in costumes and make-up. They also made Halloween jars and pumpkins to celebrate the day. They enjoyed the day to the fullest and have lots of pictures and memories to cherish.

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Durga Puja Pre-Primary Crafts

20 October, 2020

Durga Puja epitomises the victory of good over evil, though it also celebrates the Goddess as the motherly power behind all life and creation. The preprimary students of Swarnim welcomed Ma Durga by making Dhaak, the signature musical instrument of the festival. Durga Puja coincides with Navaratri and Dussehra celebrations in which the victory of Rama against Ravana is celebrated and effigies of Ravana are burnt, which is also reflected through the craft activity by our tiny tots.

Durga Puja (Pre-Primary)

16 October, 2020

Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festivals of India. The year long wait has finally come to an end. Today the pre-primary students of Swarnim International School gave a grand welcome to Goddess Durga by performing with utmost devotion and love. They sang songs, danced their heart out and narrated poems to impress the Goddess. It was a day filled with emotions, excitement and laughter. Like we say- Asche bochor abaar hobe.


12 October, 2020

Every human has to work to fulfill his goals and desires. Work can be anything starting from household activities to desk jobs. Every action is dignified and respectable. Students of Swarnim International School paid respect to all level of workers and tend to remember people who lend us a hand and stand by our side when we need them. They were taught the core meaning of "Dignity of Labour." They also learnt that there's nothing wrong with any kind of job and every job deserves to be respected. We are all humans and we are working to support our livelihoods. So yes, everybody is not similar, but by virtue of them being human beings, all are to be treated equally.

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Book Reading Session (Classes 3 - 7)

09 October, 2020

Ms. Smita Ganeriwala or as she is more lovingly known as Smita Jee joined us for a book reading session today with children of classes 3-7. Ms. Ganeriwala is a prolific writer of a series of children's books. Some of her most interesting books are 'Shreya's Eighth', 'The Braces Club' and 'Samira's S-I-T Venture'. Smita Jee read a part of her book 'Shreya's Eighth' today and conducted an interactive session with the children. Throughout the story session, children participated in the discussions. After the reading session was over, we played an interesting game. Children had to act out a small passage with different emotions. It was very engaging and we would love to have Smita Jee with us for more such wonderful sessions in the future.

School Activity for Sept - Primary

08 October, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Sept for Primary Classes.

School activities for Sept (Pre-Primary)

05 October, 2020

Report on Teaching and Learning in Sept for pre-Primary Classes.

Gandhi Jayanti

02 October, 2020

Swarnim International School celebrated its Annual Prize Day 2019-20 on 2nd October as a legacy to Bapu's vision of hard work and perseverance. Enjoy the photos of the event with the voice over of the address by Mrs. Sangeeta Tandon, Principal, Shri Shikshayatan School who kindly consented to be the Chief Guest and (virtually) give away the certificates.

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Art Competition (Classes 1 to 3)

21 September, 2020

The world is their canvas and the love for their school is the topic. Presenting art work by Classes 1 to 3.

Art Competition (Classes 4 to 7)

21 September, 2020

The world is their canvas and the love for their school is the topic. Presenting art work by Classes 4 to 7.

Viswakarma Puja - Kite Making

17 September, 2020

Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be the creator of the world, and is referred to as the divine carpenter and thus, an architect. Kites are symbolic of freedom. Flying a kite, gives the same feeling of freedom as a bird has, while it skims and swoops and circles in the sky. The tradition of kite flying associated with the festival dates back a few centuries. The sky filled with colorful kites is a sight to behold. The students of Swarnim made beautiful kites. As their kites fly high today, they will dream of returning to their normal lives and playing in the sun, going to school, meeting friends and smiling without mask.

Hindi Diwas

14 September, 2020

Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14th September. 14 September 1949 was the 50th birthday of Hindi Pandit Vyouhar Rajendra Sinha, who struggled very long to make Hindi a national language. Rajendra Sinha made tireless efforts with Kaka Kalelkar, Maithilisharan Gupt, Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Seth Govindadas etc. to establish Hindi as national language after Independence. That's why we celebrate this day as Hindi Day. Students of Swarnim presented many types of programs according to their classes. Someone expressed their feelings through speech. Someone expressed their thoughts through painting, some children made badge and someone expressed respect towards Hindi language by singing verses and songs.

Grandparents Day - Primary

11 September, 2020

Alex Haley said, Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. So today at Swarnim, children decided to celebrate Grandparents Day and share the endless love and affection that we receive from our grandparents with their friends. Class I found out about interesting games that the grandparents would play as children and shared those stories in class. They also learnt origami craft. How many of you remember how your grandmothers would come with a glass of turmeric milk if you fell sick and your grandfather would ask you to begin your day with some sprouts and nuts? All these formulas have been traditionally and successfully used by them to build our resilience and strength. Class II shared easy recipes of immunity drinks from the cookbooks of grandparents. Class III to VII presented food ingredients and recipes which strengthen our ability to fight against different diseases and ailments.

Grandparents Day - Pre-Primary

11 September, 2020

The purpose of celebrating Grandparents Day is to honor our grandparents for all their love. This Year Swarnim International School celebrated Grandparents Day virtually on 11th September. The children of nursery made cards and performed a dance for them. L.KG children made book marks from palm cutting and had a conversation on Memories down the lane where the grandparents narrated anecdotes regarding their grandchildren. Those without their grandparents in Kolkata made video calls to talk to them and it was very emotional. U.KG children made sweets along with their grandparents. They also made wall hangings together out of bangles, wool and decorative materials. The classrooms were reverberating with songs, memories and love.

Sunshine Smile

09 September, 2020

A. SELF DEPENDENCE - "Depend not on another, but lean instead on thyself. True happiness is born of self-reliance." ~Anonymous Only by being self dependent can we trust ourselves to be able to hold on under any circumstance. B. ACTS OF KINDNESS - Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. If there ever is a time to be kind, it is right now. The students of Swarnim made kindness a priority by doing small acts like signing kindness pledges and passing out kindness notes. They also showed acts of kindness towards their pets at home, since going out was not possible during the pandemic.

School Activity for Aug - Pre-Primary

07 September, 2020

School Activity for Aug - Pre-Primary

School Activity for Aug - Primary

07 September, 2020

School Activity for Aug - Primary

Teachers' Day

05 September, 2020

Dear Parents, School is difficult, different, and some things will be inconvenient. You are going to have tech issues, and someone will likely tell you the wrong information at least once. There will be procedures you dont like. I just wish you could peek behind the scenes. You d see teachers and administrators working long hours to make it work, somehow. Imagine putting together a giant puzzle with no picture and the pieces keep changing shape. You d see teachers try to take in hours upon hours of training and use new programs, figure out new schedules and new procedures and make it all align to standards, follow health precautions, and keep it accessible and Teachers and school staff everywhere are overwhelmed. Every grade level, every custodian.. Everyday eyes brim with tears. Teachers love their kids. They miss them. They worry about them. They are trying their absolute best to figure it out and make this a great school year, even if we are (as the saying goes) building this plane while we fly it. Thank you for modeling grace, kindness, and positivity whenever you can. Our children learn what they see. Those might be the most important lessons our children learn this year.

Teachers' Day

04 September, 2020

Dear Teachers, Thank you for your heart work, love and sacrifice in teaching , guiding and loving our students especially in this difficult period of our lifetimes. Though you have to put on a mask , masks cannot mask your heart of gold, your Swarnim heart! Students of Class 5 put up a heartwarming show for the teachers- all organized by themselves.

Mandala Art

04 September, 2020

Ms. Chhayya Aggrawalla of Life on a Canvas is a very talented and passionate artist and speaker. We had the privilege of having a Mandala Art workshop for classes 5 to 7 with her. Mandala Art is a perfect blend of art and geometry as one can create beautiful intricate designs through a series of symmetrical circles and patterns. The workshop was insightful and engaging and we were in awe of Ms. Aggarwalla s patience as she talked to every child individually and corrected their errors. She has promised to assist children further and they can contact her if they want to learn more.

Reading week continues...

27 August, 2020

Today Class I children were told a story - 'Elephant and his friend' using voice modulation and actions which they enjoyed thoroughly. They were also asked questions from the story.It was a fun and interactive story session. Students of class II dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character and narrated few lines on the character. Students of Class III enacted as "The Brave Leaders Of India". We are Indians,bold and free.We love our country with pride......... were the words echoed in the Zoom Room today. Class IV students recited poems on "Nature" and shared information about the poets. Class V students dressed up as their favourite story book characters and told the others what the books were all about and enacted a part from the books. Class VI students dressed up as their favourite fictional character and also acted like them to present their character sketch. Class VII- Do you know me? Children dressed up as their favourite fictional characters and each conducted a small quiz about their own character.

Reading Week

25 August, 2020

Class I : Each child dressed up as his/her favourite story character. Students of class II read out a script "Mowgli Finds His Home" extracted from "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling Students of Class III narrated their favourite short stories in their own words, with proper intonation and expression. Children of Class IV dressed up as their favourite cartoon characters and shared information about the respective creators. Class V- Interesting news clippings were shared. Each child read the out the news and then suggested headlines for the news. The most interesting headline was chosen. Students of Class VI recited the funniest poem that they have ever come across. The children were given a chance to laugh and have a good time in the class. Class VII: Children had to read a part of their favourite book and share what the book is about or why they enjoy reading it.

Independence Day 2020

15 August, 2020

India- This very word encompasses an abundance of emotions. Feelings of love and devotion could be seen from the sparkling little eyes of the students of Swarnim International School. The virtual classrooms were filled with the tricolours Saffron, White and Green and celebration was full of pride, joy and love for our country. On this 74th Independence Day, let us renew our commitment towards building a united, strong, prosperous, inclusive and peaceful nation where a billion-plus dreams find expression and fulfillment.

Celebration of Independence Day in Swarnim 2020

15 August, 2020

Celebration of Independence Day in Swarnim 2020

Caring for our elders & Mother Nature

10 August, 2020

On Saturday, we had a very engaging session with Dr Bindra and Dr Tripathi on Parenting during Covid. Dr Tripathi, a mental health counsellor gave many important takeaways for the emotional well being of the child- some of the being 1) Meditation. 2) Adaptation 3) Happiness 4) Observing Nature 5) Acceptance 6) Positivity 7) Taking care of Family members 8) Self-dependence 9) Being Empathetic 10) Kindness 11) Keeping Fit 12) Dealing with Emotions These are all in congruence with our philosophy and we had already started practicing these in our Sunshine Smile Classes. Thank you for validating our processes, Dr Tripathi. PFA some of the activities from our classes-- Caring for our elders: To care for someone, who once cared for us is the highest honor. Students of primary classes actively participated in several activities to showcase their bonding with their family members. Mother Nature: Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher. She has the power to change the world. Hence, we give her the highest title of love and adoration, praising her for nurturing every species and all of humanity. Students of Classes III to VII woke up early in the morning to observe Mother Nature where they felt that their minds can overcome the greatest obstacles and their spirit can break open boundaries and take them to situations, they never thought possible. When we honor the Earth, we honor ourselves.

Janmashtami Celebration

10 August, 2020

Krishna came to Swarnim…. Yes, Krishna came to Swarnim today, we saw Krishna in different mood, different form and of different age today. The cute little Krishnas of PG and Nursery danced to the tunes of ‘Chotichotigaiya…’. Then we met a little grown up ‘Nat-khat’ Krishna of LKG where he played with his friends in ‘Gokul kiGaliyon Mein’ and mother Yashoda was always busy running after him. Finally came our grown up Krishna of UKG who was busy dancing with his best friend ‘Radha’ to the beautiful tunes of his flute..Thus, with colorful dresses, rhythmic music and dance, Swarnim celebrated Janmashtami today. Our special thanks goes to our parents who took the pain of dressing up the children early in the morning and preparing them for the program. So, at the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, the Eighth Avtaar of Lord Vishnu, Team Swarnim Wishes Everyone Good Health &Safety !!!

Janmasthami Celebration (Class III & IV)

10 August, 2020

Story-telling has proved to be an effective way to help students learn about our traditions and mythology. The students of Class III and IV enjoyed some beautiful songs on the occasion of Janmashtami. The story of Kalia Daman and other short stories by them created magic and a sense of wonder leading to respect and appreciation for different cultures.

Coding Workshop

08 August, 2020

In todays world of electronic devices, everything is based on coding. What is heartening as well as interesting to note that little children as young as 6 year olds can do coding in a fun way. RoboGarden, an Indo-Canadian joint venture with Eupheus Learning, offers a fun and interactive way to learn the fundamental concepts of programming. The Learning By Coding Game Web-based learning/teaching development has been proven effective and efficient in assisting students to acquire knowledge and training skills, particularly in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). So, our students are currently doing a 17 hour long certification coding program with Robo Garden which will open the doors of coding to our children. The students enthusiastically did workshops on the 4th and 5th of August 2020, organized by Robo Garden, to learn the basics of coding to ensure they can play the game correctly. We hope that our children will successfully complete this coding journey and maybe, few of them will go on to become coders in future.

Parenting during Covid - Webinar

08 August, 2020

Parents webinar where two experienced doctors shared their views on eye strain and mental health for children during Covid. Dr Geetika Chanana , ophthalmologist and Dr @Smarnika Tripathi mental health counsellor - thank you so much for your valuable inputs and guidance. So many important takeaways. And you answered all questions so promptly and effectively - only left the audience asking for more. The doctors were also happy to hear all that we are doing at Swarnim -happiness class, cloud gazing and many more such activities - all to promote the physical and emotional health of our children YouTube link -

School activities for July (Pre-Primary)

07 August, 2020

School activities for July

School activities for July (Primary)

06 August, 2020

School activities for July

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Nature (Primary)

03 August, 2020

Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of unwavering love and the bond between brother and sister. Symbolic of the bond that siblings share, the festival of “Rakshabandhan” is no longer just about brothers promising to protect their sisters. This year students of Swarnim decided but to celebrate Rakhi with nature, thus promising to protect it. The year 2020 has taught all of us the importance of nature and the need to strengthen the bond between human and environment. The students made eco-friendly rakhis with the naturally available materials and tied the rakhi to their favorite plant at home thus cementing the bond of protection between nature and the children.

Raksha Bandhan (Pre-Primary)

03 August, 2020

“I pray for you to have peace, good health, happiness and all the good things in life. Happy Rakhi!” The festival of Raksha Bandhan is to cherish the beautiful memories and strengthen the bond brothers and sisters share. Swarnim International school pre-primary section also celebrated the occasion with fun and frolic. The nursery children made ‘shapes rakhis’, they decorated different shapes with vibrant colours and stone stickers, thus enjoying while learning. The LKG children made 2 rakhis - the healthy rakhis and put it in their parent’s hands. They pasted the unhealthy rakhis on a paper and crosse