We offer 4 years exciting learning programmes for children between ages 2 to 6. Our methodology is a combination of the Montessori method and the Kindergarten method.

The Montessori approach is a kinesthetic educational model based on learning through discovery; learning is highly individualized. This model directs children to improve concentration, self-motivation and self-discipline. The child's multiple senses are employed and the child is allowed to pursue his interests without interruption. The school also nurtures the tabula rasa within your child, teaching them moral values, Indian culture, hygiene and etiquette.

The kindergarten approach is more of a shared experience; the kids enter together as a group and learn together as a group. Children are involved in their own learning and link new ideas to their prior knowledge and share what they have learned. Since children learn best through the playful interaction of objects and people, we promote children's natural inquisitiveness in an environment that allows them to learn and progress at their own pace.

We offer a well-researched curriculum that invites the children to explore their world in multiple ways. Sensory stimulation is rich and triggers investigations. Curiosity and interest set the tone for self paced learning. Concepts are taught through activities, songs and games and a variety of hands-on experiences.

Learning is child-centric to focus on the unique interests, abilities, learning pace and style of each child. Each part of the program caters to the particular needs of the child at that age, giving him the skills necessary to complete the program successfully. We identify the areas in which the child might be lacking so that we can better assist him in meeting his educational needs in the future. Adjustment to a school is eased through a structured and predictable schedule that allows time for busy and quiet learning through key experiences in the following areas:

On receipt of the form, an interaction procedure with the Headmistress is scheduled. Parents and child are advised to be present over a Zoom call. Once the interaction gets over, Headmistress sends us a confirmation and we intimate the parents accordingly and ask them to submit the hard copy admission form and documents. Admin office sends the NEFT details to the parents and request the parents to pay the admission fees.

Pre-Primary Levels

At the pre primary level there are four different age groups

  • Lil Learners for ages two and above: Children stepping into school are introduced to individual and group activities that are thoughtfully crafted to aid expression and foster independence.
  • Dynamic Discoverer for ages three and above: Our curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, offering your child a window of opportunities to learn and grow, while inspiring creativity as they understand more about the world around them.
  • Excited Explorer for ages four and above: We ensure children learn to the best of their potential and will be ready for the advanced concepts that they have to learn in later grades.
  • Fantastic Flyers for ages five and above: Children develop a strong foundation in a variety of subjects that prepare them for formal schooling.