We develop character, content and competence in our school through sensory play, music and creative movement, story telling with puppets. We promote concentration and calmness through yoga and develop interpersonal and intra-personal skills through inquiry and play based programs. We believe each child is unique and we nurture them accordingly.

Swarnim believes in holistic development of the child. Sports Day and Concert are annual features of our school. Physical Education, dance, art & craft and music are integrated in our curriculum for every level.

Yes, we have air conditioned buses which are CCTV monitored and children are accompanied by a trusted helper.

Swarnim International School will be following the CBSE curriculum.

Your child will go to Class 1 at 6 years of age as per the Right to Education stipulation.

Any parent/guardian can meet a teacher by fixing a prior appointment through the school diary.

Swarnim is an international school because we prepare our students to be global citizens.

Going forward, we will have a tie up with the Duke of Edinburgh program and the British Council International School Award in the near future.

In The International Educator, Connie Buford, Regional Educational officer for the Office of Overseas Schools at the U.S. State Department says, "No matter what the make-up of the student population, or the curriculum employed, the school should instill an 'international-mindedness' among its students." Buford notes that this is not her own term, and in fact, it's what the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) claims sets them apart from other programs. According to the IBO, "It is a philosophy students will carry with them through the rest of their lives." Buford says that this idea can be distilled into a very simple goal: "Students should realize that there's a big world out there and there's more than just your own country and culture."